Tools Manufacturer Automates Sales Analytics with Generative AI

See how an industry-leading manufacturer of tools gained instant Sales insights by employing ConverSight and generative AI.

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Tools Manufacturer Automates Sales Analytics with Generative AI

Automated insights and heightened collaboration for instant Sales insight.



reduction in sales backorders



reduction in freight costs



increase in sales

Key Outcomes
  • Increased visibility and control over freight pricing.
  • Complete control over Sales and Inventory channels.
  • Instant increase in margins and sales.


A world-leading manufacturer of high quality automotive, aerospace, medical and general tools, was struggling with long lead times and costly orders. With increasing raw material procurement costs, the company needed to build optimal inventory and reduce sales backorders.

The company was looking for a solution that could track sales analytics and inventory analytics, as well as reduce costs overall to boost the bottom line.


ConverSight brought instant Sales analytics to the Sales team, allowing them to make data-driven decision on the fly.

Increased sales visibility – With ConverSight, the sales team was able to calculate Sales velocity and prepare for the future and seasona trends.

Open Purchase Order Visibility – The Sales team gained insight into their Purchase Orders, and how to optimize inventory for the future.

Inventory Optimization – The customer completely optimized their inventory based on actual Sales numbers, shoring up their supply for future demand.


ConverSight’s Sales module contains all necessary features to get instant visibility into your Sales processes.

Since the initial deployment, the customer has gained:

  • Sales analytics: ConverSight understands the Sales Backorder, product volume and revenue statistics, providing alerts to avoid customer churn and improve sales.
  • Low Inventory Alerts: ConverSight analyzes Stock Inventory levels and re-order Points, providing alerts to avoid stock outs and reduce sales backorders.
  • Recommended Purchase Orders: ConverSight analyzes historical sales velocity, lead times and current inventory, providing Recommendation on Purchase Orders and reducing operational costs.

With the adoption of ConverSight, the Sales team came into alignment around data, and charted a clear path forward for the entire supply chain and sales orgs.

For more information about how ConverSight can slash inventory costs and provide sales analytics, request a demo today.

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