Top Tech Trends to Watch in 2020

With digital transformation, 5G implementation, automation, and data accessibility top of mind for the modern day business, 2020 won’t disappoint as existing technologies evolve and new emerge. Here is a hot take on the top trends to watch as we gear up for the new year that is sure to be filled with innovation and […]

How To Empower Your Sales Team Through Data

Data. Everyone’s talking about it, and everyone – even small businesses – gather inordinate amounts of it every day. For many companies the data just sits there – likely in their POS, CRM, ERP or WMS systems.   Sad thing is, most people know there is a lot of valuable information in that data. For […] to Present at Techstars Farm to Fork Demo Day

On October 15th, CEO and co-founder Ganesh Gandhieswaran will take the stage at Techstars Farm to Fork Demo Day 2019. He will share’s story and the value the B2B SaaS platform is adding to businesses around the country. joins nine other organizations from this year’s Techstars class to present their polished pitches. The […]

Sales Funnel, or Sales Tornado? Tips To Improve Your Sales Process

CxO at mid-month: “We need to close three more sales this month. We only have two deals with estimated close by month’s end, but we have seven slated to close by end of next month. How can we move a couple of these forward this month?”   Sales Director: “Let me see what I can […]

Give Your Business Reports A Voice With Conversational Analytics

Many a time in business review meetings, the senior management leave their staff tongue-tied by posing questions for which they do not have ready answers. Here’s how conversational analytics can improve business insights.   A lot of review meetings lead to follow up meetings. In fact, many questions remain unanswered due to lack of data […]

AI Tools Are Improving Data Quality Through Proactive Maintenance

Many organizations are plagued with poor data quality. Most use outdated, inconsistent, and flawed data from multiple data sources. In essence, this can be as simple as having five different names for a same customer. These inaccuracies eat into the precious time of business users and analysts who work on contradictory reports. Inevitably, incorrect business […]