Reality Check: You’re Spending Too Much Time Searching for Information

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The great Benjamin Franklin once said, “Time is money”. Even though he uttered these words in the 1700s, the sentence still rings true today. Timing is everything in business – how quickly a product can be manufactured, shipped and bought, all play vital roles in the direct success of a company. When that product is put […]

Improving Collaboration Through Data Stories

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Automation is increasing the adoption of data storytelling for data-driven decision making   Data and analytics leaders are increasingly using automated data storytelling to display insights and make integral decisions for businesses. Automated data storytelling is when a narrative is immediately built around a set or sets of data and its accompanying visualizations, by the […]

Personalized vs. Standardized Analytics

In the world of analytics, getting the best value out of your data, in the most efficient way possible, is the ultimate goal that all businesses strive to achieve. More importantly, fast responding systems, access to real-time data, and the ability to absorb that data and respond quickly and appropriately is necessary to thrive in […]

3 Reasons Your Business Should Redefine its Relationship with Data

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In today’s market, supply chain leaders use data and multiple different quantifiable methods to improve decision making processes across all sectors of their business. Insights and analytics have become an integral ingredient for any business to succeed in their industry. Whether they utilize spreadsheets, dashboards, augmented or predictive analytics, every company can benefit from observing […]

Why Analytics is Making The Shift From Dashboards to Data Storytelling

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When it comes to analytics, dashboards have historically been the simplest way to convey and absorb data. Everyday mass amounts of data is processed into reports and dashboards – but how much of this data translates into impactful insights or valuable outcomes? According to a recent report by Exasol “52% of business leaders and data […]