Actionable Insights. Instantly. Anywhere.’s AI assistant, Athena, understands user behavior, context and intent by combining machine learning, advanced analytics and a user friendly interface to deliver personalized insights and actions. for

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Designing the Conversation

Conversations without grounded knowledge and context are just chatter. Intelligent conversations are centered on context, domain and subject knowledge.‘s conversational AI platform creates, aggregates and compliments knowledge graphs, enabling smart, automated and actionable insights.

Conversational AI Platform Features

Specialized domain and specific natural language understanding

Conversations using voice and text in multiple channels

Adaptive learning of knowledge and vocabulary

Extendable and pluggable analytics

Data to story generation

Vertical & industry-specific conversation templates

Data monitoring and proactive insights

Enterprise-class security with role based access

High performance, low latency data access

Platform Architecture

An AI platform that understands user behavior, context and intent of the conversation. Using machine learning, data science and cognitive techniques to deliver personalized insights, monitor data and allow collaboration all with exceptional speed of thought.

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