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Athena is an AI-driven business assistant built with unique natural language processing (NLP) and analytical capabilities. Athena lets users ask questions in simple terms, building context from one question to the next and supporting a user’s insight discovery process from uncovering hidden insights to suggesting next steps and actions in the supply chain.

ConverSight.ai is the only AI-driven end-to-end supply chain management platform that uses text and chat capabilities to deliver results in seconds.


– Seamlessly connects to multiple data sets to uncover valuable, hidden insights
– Presents information and suggests next steps with a comprehensive interface and data visualizations
– Is easy to use across roles in the supply chain, from operations, to sales, to logistics and more — no PhD required

ConverSight.ai is the only product of its kind to leverage AI to accelerate your supply chain and improve productivity and efficiency while cutting costs:


Real-Time Information Extraction Know what is going on with your business, as it happens.

Proactive Recommendations Athena proactively delivers reports, alerts and insights around the clock to point your customers in the right direction and keep your employees informed.

Automated Actions Advanced machine learning and predictive analytics make it possible to automate everyday tasks and reporting, creating a comprehensive user experience where ConverSight.ai manages your product from production to shelving and all stages in between.

ConverSight.ai offers a solution to traditional reporting systems like Excel sheets and paper-based reporting that are often time consuming, detailed and vulnerable to human error. Daily, time-consuming tasks like ordering tracking, cycle counting, and product placement are figured automatically by Athena.

Receive real-time information, alerts and reports on your tablet or mobile device. Available through an easy-to-use mobile application, users are able to access the same capabilities and perform the same tasks through the ConverSight.ai mobile application.

ConverSight.ai is designed to work in any size enterprise with multiple business users, user roles, external partners, customers, and supplier user ecosystem. Security levels


– Application Level Security
– Row & Column level data security
– Role/User Level Security
– Device Level Security
– Authentication codes for initial setup
– Key transactions are performed after validating one-time passcode
– Single Sign-on and integration with existing security modules like LDAP, Active Directory, OKTA
– Admin user interface to manage the data security

ConverSight.ai easily connects with virtually any data management system, data lake or data warehouse including Salesforce, SAP, Amazon AWS, Oracle/Oracle ERP, Fishbowl Inventory, SAP, NetSuite, Quickbooks, Hubspot, Snowflake, Natural Solutions. and Finale Inventory. If you’re unsure about how we might integrate with your system,

contact us at info@conversight.ai.

Our product team prioritized implementation and ease of use when designing ConverSight.ai. As a result, your team can be up and running with ConverSight.ai in as little as two weeks. *This may vary based on your unique business needs.

Companies of all shapes and sizes are currently using ConverSight.ai to grow their business like never before. For customer success stories that align with your business goals and initiatives, visit www.conversight.ai/customerstories

Our ConverSight.ai support experts are available around the clock to ensure a seamless integration and onboarding experience. Once you’re up and running, you will be assigned a customer care representative to help you navigate usage of the platform and answer any questions.


For more information, contact info@conversight.ai.