Receives New Patent for Contextual and Intent Based Natural Language Processing System and Method

As businesses gather vast amounts of data, they suffer with the problem of being able to extract value from the available information. Artificial intelligence-driven solutions have the ability to understand, organize, and comprehend this data that ultimately increases usability for the customer. has developed a contextual and intent based natural language processing system and […]

How to Manage the Shift from Purchase Order-Driven Demand to Digital Demand

As the supply chain continues to become more complex, the current methods and tools to monitor and plan the business is insufficient.  With unplanned fluctuations in demand experienced during the COVID-19 crisis, the demand driven supply chain is becoming a critical aspect of maintaining a sustainable and responsive flow of operations.   Increases in e-commerce […]

Top 3 Trends in Data & Analytics that your Supply Chain Needs to Know

Progressing forward into 2021, the involvement of data and analytics (D&A) in the supply chain is quickly moving away from the backburner, towards becoming a core business function. With more emphasis than ever on building resilience to better manage disruption, access to data and analytics comes into focus. In fact, according to Gartner, in comparison […]

Decision Intelligence: The Future of Supply Chain Decision Making

In the growing world of supply chain, industry leaders must look to innovative methods of development to advance the decision making process in their businesses. Decision Intelligence combines elements of decision management and decision support with artificial intelligence to create more efficiency, promote sustainability, and improve predictability and alignment. With the shakeup of 2020, decision […]

3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Addresses Critical Areas in Supply Chain Response Planning

Response planning enables businesses to accommodate changes in demand through making production adjustments. The COVID-19 crisis caused unanticipated shocks to the supply chain, triggering the need for stronger methods of response planning.   The use of traditional models, such as spreadsheets, has proven to be ineffective when adapting to the current needs of response planning. […]

The Supply Chain Control Tower: Why They’re Critical in 2021

The COVID-19 crisis prompted the need for superior visibility and agility in the supply chain, due to unforeseen movements in demand, sales, and production. Now, more than ever, it is necessary for businesses to have access to a 360 degree view into all areas of the supply chain. With the the ability to track materials, […]