Get answers to your toughest questions

Instantly get answers to the most urgent questions so you have more time to analyze and produce valuable metrics.

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Analyze changes in your business as they occur



of business decisions are made without insights



of business analysts’ time is spent running reports and answering common questions



increase in adoption of conversational AI over traditional reports & dashboards



of business analyst aspire to become data scientists

Business analytics with the power of AI

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Don’t depend on business intelligence developers to create dashboards and reports
  • Lose dependency on data gatekeepers and developers to gain dynamically generated reports and dashboards
  • Get answers to your the most anticipated and unanticipated questions with the help of Athena’s recommendations
Data stories delivered as daily news
  • Review and configure data stories generated by Athena throughout your work day
  • Add annotations and comments to stories to enrich collaboration and context
Empower business users with Athena, your BI Assistant
  • Connect your data from Excel and a variety of databases to explore insights instantly
  • Athena develops context and enriches a knowledge base to handle countless questions

Customers powered by ConverSight

Winston Products

One of the things that I love about ConverSight is having the mix of multiple sources, from our ERP systems, custom Excel reports, other internal softwares that we’re using. I love having that mix of those reports and being able to customize my own reports.

Hector Garcia Financial Planning & Analysis Manager

MavPak Inc.

Everyone at our company became an expert in retrieving data to make information- based decisions”.

Nick C. Director of Operations
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Extract Production

We can say, “This is what I think is happening and this is what I predict with the market conditions in this customer.” And then we can ask the AI for its input and it can really validate or tell us that we’re off the mark a little bit and it’s not seeing quite the same thing.

Steve Carpenter Supply Chain & Logistics

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