Empower Decision-Making with AI Workbench

Only 10% of analysts will use augmented analytics technology to its full potential

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ConverSight AI Workbench - No Code, Low Code

End-to-End No Code/Low Code AI Workbench

Our collaborative, unified data science environment streamlines end-to-end data science process from data preparation, modeling and deployment to sharing insights to key stakeholders and decision makers.

Gain ConverSight’s democratized and secured access to data lake/marts, including a feature store using Conversight’s semantic layer.
ConverSight AI Workbench

We handle your infrastructure so you can focus on data collection, research and engineering

Our fully customizable, configurable elastic cluster gives you the right balance between cost and performance.

ConverSight’s open source, open platform allows you to build your project with any open source AI/ML framework

Low Code No Code Augmented Analytics

Low Code

Drag and Drop Studio

Reusable ML Tasks and Flows

Elastic and Configurable Cluster

Open Source and Open Platforms

App Marketplace

We humanize interactions between systems and its users

We deliver smart solutions that think and talk