Embed a conversational insights agent in your SaaS solution

Empower your users with instant insights without leaving your application

Conversational insights for data storytelling



of users are looking for better analytics from SaaS Applications



of customers who experience limitations in reporting chose another SaaS solution



increase in adoption of conversational AI for replacing reports & dashboards



of startup CEOs identify analytics improvement in their product roadmap

Visualize your SaaS application usage data with a single search bar

Hey Athena…

How many average orders are created on any workday
Don’t settle for static, pre-configured reports & dashboards
  • Differentiate your solution with AI access to any data from your system
  • Get options to access related data from other systems without leaving your system
Supports multiple security models
  • Authenticate users with your security model
  • Create user roles and groups to manage fine grain data security
Integrated app to work with your data
  • Bring data from different modules or systems without integrating data in your database

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“ConverSight provides a whole new level by providing real-time, voice activated reporting, dashboards, alerts and monitoring and automated tasks.”

John David King CEO

Natural Solutions

“To have the ability to easily access business insights and perform actions, our clients will have the information they need to better plan and grow their business faster than before.

Tyce McIntosh President

GreeneStep Technologies

“Business leaders at all levels and roles are empowered with a packaged solution that is easy to install, implement and navigate, all with the power of conversational AI.”

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