Retail Insights. Instantly. Anywhere. helps retailers gain visibility into buyer demand and trends to accurately forecast demand, analyze buying patterns and plan for the future. 

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Improve decision making with AI-driven data stories

Automation and Recommendations

Retail Responsiveness and Agility

Data Stories with Athena

Achieve retail excellence with the power of AI goes beyond static, complex dashboards and reporting to provide decision makers with proactive insights and recommendations on the metrics that matter most — in real-time, all the time.

End-to-End Visibility

Real-time visibility to identify top performing products, items sold together and promotion opportunities.

Cross Team Collaboration

Empower every decision maker in your organization with real-time analytics, reports and dashboards that update instantly as your business changes by the second.

Minimize Risk

AI-powered recommendations and instant alerts notify decision makers about low inventory, bottlenecks and anomalies as they occur, so your next move is the right one.

Adaptive Analytics

Receive proactive insights and advanced analytics on data that impacts other areas of your business -- delivered any way you want it.

Take control of expiring and non-moving inventory to boost retail sales

Smart market basket analysis

Achieve a better understanding of consumer purchasing patterns to influence buyer decisions, set up effective joint promotions and drive sales. 

 Stockout loss analysis

Get an accurate picture of lost dollars to due to stockouts and the impact to your business and the bottom line. 

E-commerce control tower

An eagle eye view of your businesses alerts you to abnormally high or low levels of inventory, costs, or movements. Select insights to share with your team and move the action closer to a resolution. 

Empower your retail business with complete visibility of supply and demand

The shift to online shopping and consumption is becoming a permanent consumer behavior – creating need for retailers to adjust pricing, logistic strategies, and inventory requirements to adapt to these ongoing changes. With’s AI assistant, Athena, retailers achieve optimal inventory management in order to meet the increasingly rising demand of consumers.

Reducing Inventory Costs & Optimizing Procurement Processes

Optimized Fulfillment with Market Basket Analysis

Responsiveness & agility is key to managing a successful supply chain

Make sense of your inventory data by replacing distributed teams, disconnected systems and manual reporting with’s AI-powered decision intelligence solution. Gain access to countless data sets and systems from a single search bar – it’s never been easier.






Data integration

Connects distributed data found in sales, demand, and CRM systems down to the product and channel level, including supplier data (domestic and international), and inventory

Converting data into insights

Athena understands your data and domain to generate insights and proactively alert you on need-to-know insights, followed by recommendations on next actions. 

Chat with Athena 

Have an open dialogue with Athena through a text-like chat. Ask questions to dig further into insights. 

Collaborate across teams & stakeholders

Find an insight particularly interesting? Share it with team members in one click, including notes and annotations. Going into a meeting? Simply put it in a custom dashboard.  

Automated actions and recommendations

Athena delivers recommended actions around the clock. From recommended purchase orders to automated re-order forms, Athena saves hours of team work.

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Experience the power of Athena to transform your business with data analytics for all — anytime, anywhere. 


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