Achieve retail excellence with the power of AI

ConverSight helps retailers gain visibility into buyer demand and trends to accurately forecast demand, analyze buying patterns and plan for the future.

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Responsive & agility is key to managing a successful retail & E-commerce operation



reduction in inventory costs



decrease in shipping costs



decrease in stockouts



increase in on time performance

Maintain the right level of inventory, at the right place and time
  • Achieve a better understanding of consumer purchasing patterns
  • Set up effective joint promotions and drive sales
Stockout loss analysis
  • Get an accurate picture of lost dollars
  • Reduce impact to your business and the bottom line
E-Commerce control tower
  • An eagle eye view of your businesses
  • Select insights to share with your team

Make sense of your inventory data

Understand customer behavior and purchasing patterns

Market Basket Analysis

Customers powered by ConverSight

Thermo Bond Buildings

“I am very satisfied with ConverSight’s level of service and professionalism – what I like best is ConverSight’s willingness to listen to every possible issue that we can come up with, and dedicate resources to solving new problems.”

Michael Kastning Director of Integration Services,
Technical Support
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gimme Seaweed

“ConverSight’s value really comes from the ability to see things in real time, and understand what they are and recognize them and be able to act on them. So, it’s game changing for us.

Diego Norris Director of Marketing
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Masthead Pink

ConverSight helps us figure out the staffing, the layout, what products to be stored where, and how we can get our orders out the door in the same day we receive them, and how can we scale.”

Judith Russell Chief Marketing Officer
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