Sales intelligence with AI-driven precision

ConverSight empowers sales teams with real-time insights to spend more time selling and less time searching for information.

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Seamlessly monitor the pulse of your sales process including customer interactions, customer performance and sales forecasting.



reduction in unsold accounts



sales forecast accuracy



decrease in time spent on ad hoc queries



decrease in report creation costs

Improved visibility by customer and product segmentation
  • Real-time access to product, inventory, sales, and service performance data segmented by customer and product
  • Gain access to valuable insights across channels for better decision making and faster reaction times
Task automation
  • Automate time-consuming tasks like placing orders and creating quotes to boost productivity and efficiency
  • Reduce time on administrative tasks and spend more time selling
Insights from a single search bar
  • Athena provides critical information whenever and wherever, answering questions instantly through a single search bar
  • Stop relying on data gatekeepers to deliver information with on-demand sales intelligence

Make sense of your sales data

Access sales insights wherever your business takes you

Explore business insights and perform actions in seconds

360 degree visibility

Customers powered by ConverSight

Winston Products

Having ConverSight is very helpful, because I have the ability to create storyboards and customize my own reports, and have those answers as soon as I get the question. So when I customize a report, I can easily make a graph to answer the question that I’m being asked for.”

Hector Garcia Financial Planning & Analysis Manager

Eastern Jungle Gym

Great program to streamline reports! ConverSight is the fastest and easiest way to have instant access to all the information you need on a daily basis.

Rolf Zimmerman VP of Sales

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MavPak Inc.

“After I ask similar questions to Athena, the AI will start creating recommended reports. Athena will say, “there’s been a 4% erosion in margin on customer X, do you wish to see?” And then we click and drill in and see that information down to the part number level or the product level.”

Nick C. Director of Operations
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