Streamline Data Engineering

52% of data professionals say dashboards are disregarded because they don’t get the message across

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Plug into Possibilities

With ConverSight’s pluggable architecture, you can tap into databases, cloud services, APIs, and more with a few clicks. No more compatibility concerns or time-consuming integrations processes – connectivity made simple!

Let ConverSight do the heavy lifting for you with our open platform that lets you work the way you want to whether it’s Spark, Dask, Pandas or SQL

Automate, Collaborate and Reuse

Create your data engineering task and publish in MarketSpace.

MarketSpace your way to increase visibility and career growth. Search, reuse and deployment all in a matter of days instead of weeks

Open Source & Platform

Bring you own framework for data engineering, reducing the learning curve and increasing productivity.

Scalable & Automated

ConverSight’s MLFlows and Tasks allow any data engineering project from exploration to deployment in days.

Collaborate and Reuse

Search and reuse data-engineering tasks to increase productivity multi-fold. Create and showcase your own work in MarketSpace.

Mentioned in Gartner’s 2023 Augmented Analytics Market Report

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