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Embed Athena in your platform of choice, and seamlessly generate Storyboards with your existing tech stack.

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Embedded Analytics - Embed Athena

Embed Athena​

Instantly access insights from your data by embedding Athena into any platform. Engage in meaningful conversations and receive precise insights for every question asked.

Embedded Analytics - Embed Storyboard

Embed Storyboard​

Seamlessly incorporate the ConverSight Storyboard into your platform, offering users convenient access to Insights and complete functionality within the Storyboard interface without the need to switch platforms.​

Embedded Analytics - Embed Data

Embed Data​

A single insight can often hold significant value, influencing decisions and guiding strategies. Whether tracking key performance metrics, identifying emerging trends or addressing critical issues, ConverSight enables the seamless embedding of individual insights into your platform.​

Embedded Analytics - User Onboarding

Automated one-click user onboarding​

Onboard your business users onto ConverSight seamlessly through API, providing user-specific access constraints with just one click.​

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