React faster to changes that occur in supply and demand

ConverSight helps distributors mitigate risk with end-to-end visibility and real-time data on sales, inventory and distribution to transform the quality of planning required to meet customers demands and needs.

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Transform the quality of planning required to meet customers demands and needs.



sales forecast accuracy



decrease in inventory costs



decrease in stockouts



increase in on-time performance

Streamline demand planning with AI-driven precision
  • Quickly make adjustments to operations to accommodate changes in demand.
  • Maintain the right amount of inventory without incurring shortages or wasting capital.
Stockout loss analysis
  • Avoid poor planning with smart safety stockouts, sales forecasts, and proactive inventory turn rate analysis
  • Navigate planned and unplanned disruptions with data captured continuously and in real-time to speed up responsiveness and improve agility.
Product availability projection
  • Determine adjustments for forecasts down to the product group to retain the right level of inventory and customer satisfaction.
  • Context-based hypothesis and forecasting delivers dynamic demand and supply forecasts in addition to automating the procurement process.

Make sense of your inventory data

Keep up with changing demand across countless SKUs, customers and vendors

When your company depends on successful movement of inventory, ConverSight provides the advanced analytics and automation needed for today’s complex supply chain.

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Customers powered by ConverSight

Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital

“ConverSight’s analytical capabilities and data management plays a critical role in developing agility within our supply chain ecosystem.”

Kiran Narayan

VP Supply Chain Operations

Small Lot Wine

“ConverSight has helped us keep our inventory levels as clean as possible. Athena is an intuitive conversational AI business assistant, sensing changes in demand and inventory to optimize your supply chain.

Dustin W. Director of Technology and Operations

Sonic Tools USA

“ConverSight was able to supplement practically all of the shortcomings we found with our existing inventory management system, especially in the areas of reporting, forecasts and analytics.”

Galen H. IT Systems Administrator

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