Destroy knowledge gaps with the power of conversational AI

Gain proactive insights that are contextualized with natural language and adaptive learning down to the vocabulary of individual user roles.’s AI assistant, Athena, understands user behavior, context and intent by combining machine learning, advanced analytics and a user friendly interface to deliver personalized insights and actions.

Conversations without context are just chatter aggregates and compliments your business’ unique language to enable smart, automated and actionable insights.

Specialized domain and specific natural language understanding

Conversations using voice and text in multiple channels

Adaptive learning of knowledge and vocabulary

Extendable and pluggable analytics

Data to story generation

Vertical & industry-specific conversation templates

Data monitoring and proactive insights

Enterprise-class security with role based access

High performance, low latency data access

Storyboards and News Updates

Stop making gut decisions by staying up to date on business news and developments delivered as stories narrated by Athena.

Start you day with need know news derived from real-time data to stay ahead of the curve and plan for the future.

Tired of surprises? Stay up to date on business news and developments with need-to-know insights pushed directly to you


Athena selects the ideal visualization for the insight without the need for guesswork or further study. You also have the option of customizing it based on your requirements.

Stop spending time developing dashboards. Athena automatically generates visualizations. 

View your data in the way that makes the most sense to you with customized dashboards made with real-time data

Be prepared for every occastion with unlimited pinboards built in a matter of seconds 


No more searching or querying for information; instead, converse with your data.

Access millions of records to get valuable business insights in seconds

Explore the true meaning of your data with recommended queries and follow-up questions

Athena analyzes complex questions with context based intent to present only the most relevant and accurate insights

Eagle Eye View

Get insight from combining data from desperate systems using ‘s multiconnector data warehouse

Connect multiple data sources in one place to maintain an accurate pulse of all of your business' moving parts. 

Customize your own control tower visualization with drill down filters and status alerts. 

Anytime. Anywhere.

Teamwork makes the dream work. Establish a home base of knowledge with collaborative reporting and sharable insights. 

Never miss a beat with collaborative reports complete with colleague notes and annotations to ensure a seamless flow of knowledge and updates 

Share dashboard & insights in on demand or schedule for the future with a single click

Empower your business with complete visibility of supply and demand

The shift to online shopping and consumption is becoming a permanent consumer behavior – creating need for retailers to adjust pricing, logistic strategies, and inventory requirements to adapt to these ongoing changes. With’s AI assistant, Athena, retailers achieve optimal inventory management in order to meet the increasingly rising demand of consumers.

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Experience the power of Athena to transform your business with data analytics for all — anytime, anywhere. 


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