A complete data analytics platform for all your analytics tasks

ConverSight empowers data analysts to seamlessly acquire, sift and analyze valuable data for better decision making.

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Make the move from reactive to proactive data analytics with next generation augmented analytics



questions asked to Athena



models deployed



reduction in time to value



increase in productivity

Systematic, repeatable and collaborative analytics
  • Gain insights through asking questions so you spend more time on analysis and let time on the data model
  • Set up effective joint promotions and drive sales
Unified data augmentation platform
  • ConverSight seamlessly performs data sync, engineering and data visualization in one place
  • Scale your data without compromising analytical capability with low latency and throughput
Become a data scientist with our no code/low code platform
  • Increase productivity 5x fold with our easy to use AI workbench
  • Production deployable models ready in just days

Conversational augmented analytics in the palm of your hand

Real-time insights with the power of AI

ConverSight collects, cleans and organizes data

Customers powered by ConverSight

Winston Products

“I literally can go into ConverSight and ask Athena for a couple of questions as I would do with ChatGPT, and it will deliver my answer. I don’t have to scramble around the numbers anymore and I don’t have to search around.

Hector Garcia Financial Planning &
Analysis Manager

AJ Manufacturing

“Before, we would have to go through all these long spreadsheets and formulas – it gets very difficult to track down if there is even an issue. Since we’ve been using ConverSight, it’s been easy to do Production Planning and Inventory Planning; it’s easy to use the AI part of it to just ask questions.”

Praveen R Product Development
AJ Manufacturing
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