Improve customer satisfaction with AI-powered service performance visibility

ConverSight helps service teams capture and analyze machine data to identify mission critical parts and mitigate risk.

Need-to-know insights on failing parts and preventative maintenance to improve customer satisfaction.




in revenue generated


reduction in churn rate



increase in conversions



customer attrition rate

Mentioned in Gartner’s 2023 Augmented Analytics Market Report

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Reduce down time
  • Prevent risk with instant alerts on parts that require attention and identify the nearest available parts
  • More accurately plan raw materials so they’re ready when you need them most
Satisfy customers
  • Maximize revenue of high-margin products to drive customer satisfaction
  • Tackle demand and lead time variability to achieve optimal levels of safety stock for every product
Optimize inventory
  • Remove non-moving inventory and maintain the right level of inventory at the lowest cost possible
  • Get instant alerts on changes in demand, reduce emergency orders and production disruptions

Make sense of your inventory data

Make sense of your inventory data

Real-time insights

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Customers powered by ConverSight

Masthead Pink

ConverSight has freed up time, and it’s allowed us to focus on and identify the KPIs that really matter and measure them and figure out what our objectives are.

Judith Russell Chief Marketing Officer
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gimme Seaweed

ConverSight has allowed me to basically automate my marketing campaign management. We have the insights and now, the next step is to act based on the insights.

Diego Norris Director of Marketing
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Zerelli Technologies

“ConverSight provides reports that put analytical data and information at our fingertips. It has helped us service our customers better.

Gerald McKay Global Supply Chain Manager
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