Explore data using our patented
NLQ & semantic layer

Data stories will be the most widespread way of consuming analytics by 2025

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Patented Natural Language Query and Semantic Layer

Our patented conversational and semantic layers combined allows business user to access systems through simple questions and answer.

Chat with Athena, your personalized business assistant that learns with every interaction and suggests, helps and follows up for optimized performance.
Data Exploration - SynapseNet

SynapsNet is a purpose built knowledge graph for semantic layers

Our in-memory high performance distributed knowledge graphis combine business knowledge and enterprise data with the power of natural language processesing (NLP) to understand user questions and provides contextual answers

Athena applies personalized and contextualized learning with every interaction and directly modifies with every question and answer.

Conversational AI With Athena

Transform data into intelligence

ConverSight GPT empowers users by unlocking natural and seamless language interactions, enhancing conversational experiences.

Trainable business semantic engine

Share dashboard & insights on demand or schedule for the future with a single click

In-memory distributed knowledge graph

Get insight from combining data from disparate systems using ConverSight’s multi-connector data warehouse

“Did you mean…” suggestions for self-correction

Customize your own control tower visualization with drill down filters and status alerts

Follow up questions to guide new users

Access millions of records to get valuable business insights in seconds

Guided search and filters for new user onboarding

View your data in the way that makes the most sense to you with customized dashboards made with real-time data

We humanize interactions between systems and its users

We deliver smart solutions that think and talk