Manufacturing Insights. Instantly. Anywhere. provides manufacturing companies with an actionable control tower to track inventory, accurately forecast for the future, and improve operational agility and resilience – all with the power of AI.

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Plan for the future with advanced visibility, accuracy and collaboration

Automation and Recommendations

Demand Planning

Critical Parts Tracking

Achieve manufacturing excellence with the power of AI

Now more than ever, manufacturers are faced with excess inventory and back orders, poor supplier OTD, inaccurate demand signals, and a lack of tools and capabilities to overcome these challenges. delivers personalized and contextualized insights that are critical to achieve end-to-end visibility and real-time data on sales, inventory and distribution. 

End-to-End Visibility

Real-time visibility to identify top performing products, items sold together and promotion opportunities.

Cross Team Collaboration

Empower every decision maker in your organization with real-time analytics, reports and dashboards that update instantly as your business changes by the second.

Minimize Risk

AI-powered recommendations and instant alerts notify decision makers about low inventory, bottlenecks and anomalies as they occur, so your next move is the right one.

Adaptive Analytics

Receive proactive insights and advanced analytics on data that impacts other areas of your business -- delivered any way you want it.

Take control of expiring and non-moving inventory to optimize cash flow

Demand Forecasting and Planning

Maintain the right amount of inventory to meet customer demand without incurring shortages or wasting capital on producing and storing surplus inventory.

 Critical parts summary

Get need-to-know insights and alerts on mission critical parts to remove disturbances in product planning and improve on-time delivery. 

Supply chain control tower

An eagle eye view of your businesses alerts you to abnormally high or low levels of inventory, costs, or movements. Select insights to share with your team and move the action closer to a resolution. 

Navigate the most unexpected changes in customer demand with confidence

Make sense of your inventory data by replacing distributed processes, disconnected systems and manual reporting with’s AI-powered decision intelligence solution. Gain access to countless data sets and systems from a single search bar – it’s never been easier.

Gain Visibility for Improved End-to-End Manufacturing and Distribution Performance

Optimize Operations and Minimize Disruption with the Power of AI

Responsiveness & agility is key to managing a successful supply chain

Mitigate the risk of stockouts caused by uncertainties in supply and demand. helps manufacturers built resilience to navigate changes in supply and demand so inventory is kept at the right place and right level. 






Keep up with reduced cycle times

Derive optimal safety stock and re-order points so your customers stay stocked.

Replenishment management

Ensure your business maintains robust omnichannel offerings to efficiently fill growing online orders.

Identify inventory opportunities

Stay attune to slow-moving and non-moving inventory to reduce stock-outs and excess inventory. 

Validated and on-target inventory forecasting

Generate dynamic demand and supply forecast. Automate the procurement process to maintain optimal inventory.

Empower sales teams

Gain real-time access to individual and team sales performance, including recommended next steps, inventory availability and automated order creation.

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