Navigate demand with confidence

ConverSight delivers personalized and contextualized insights that are critical to achieve end-to-end visibility and real-time data on sales, inventory and distribution.

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Plan for the future with advanced visibility, accuracy and collaboration



decrease in report creation costs




saved in inventory reduction



decrease in order creation costs



sales forecast accuracy

Demand forecasting and planning
  • Maintain the right amount of inventory to meet customer demand without wasting capital on producing and storing surplus inventory
  • AI-powered recommendations and instant alerts flag low inventory, bottlenecks and anomalies as they occur, so your next move is the right one
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Critical Parts Summary
  • Get need-to-know insights and alerts on mission critical parts to remove disturbances in product planning and improve on-time delivery
  • Receive alerts on parts that should be considered critical to reduce emergency orders, production disruptions and carrying costs
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Control Tower
Supply Chain Control Tower
  • An eagle eye view of your businesses alerts you to abnormally high or low levels of inventory, costs or movements
  • Select insights to share with your team and move the action closer to a resolution
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Responsiveness and agility is key to managing a successful supply chain

Gain access to countless data sets and systems from a single search bar – it’s never been easier.

End-to-end visibility

Customers powered by ConverSight

Winston Products

I call Athena as my “Alexa” within ConverSight, because I can simply just ask a question: “How much inventory on hand do I have for a specific part number?” Let’s say I get an ad hoc request, people ask me how much inventory on hand we have on a specific item. I go into Athena, I ask the question and within a couple of minutes or seconds I have my answer.”

Hector Garcia Financial Planning
& Analysis Manager

MavPak Inc.

“ConverSight provides instant access to data that previously would take a data analyst hours to mine and build custom reports from. Now, I can just ask Athena.”

Nick C Director of Operations

Extract Companies

“You may need a smart platform like ConverSight to step in and answer those questions for you that your ERP system is lacking in.”

Steve C. Supply Chain, Logistics and QMS

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