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Advanced Reporting, Visibility, and Analytics for Meditech

With ConverSight, Meditech users gain enhanced visibility into operational metrics, revenue cycle, quality, and payroll in real-time. By leveraging AI in your EHR, anyone can quickly access insights for smarter data-driven decisions.

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Benefits of ConverSight for Meditech:

Real-Time Custom Reporting

Quickly create and access custom reports with the exact data points you need

Demand-Driven Forecasting

Understand demand to maintain the right level of inventory, at the right place and time

Boost Revenue and Profitability

Identify inefficiencies and receive AI-powered recommendations on where to reduce costs

Predictive & Proactive Insights

Mitigate risk with proactive alerts that catch errors, patterns, and anomalies

Drive More Value from Your Meditech Data

Reduce Time Spent Accessing and Generating Reports
  • Gain full visibility into your revenue, inventory, and operations in real-time with advanced, custom reporting
  • Turn insights into actions with AI-guided recommendations based on historical trends, predictions, and business objectives
Access End-to-End Operations in One Place
  • Improve patient outcomes, reduce costs, and optimize financial performance by centralizing data into one location
  • Increase visibility into revenue cycle and cost structures, resulting in smarter data-driven decisions that boost revenue
Plan Confidently with Demand-Driven Forecasts
  • Maintain the right amount of inventory to meet customer demand without wasting capital on producing and storing surplus inventory
  • Flag low inventory, bottlenecks and anomalies as they occur, so you can act fast before leading to costly errors
Simplify Data Analysis for Smarter Decision-Making
  • Access the exact data you need, in the moment you need it, simply by asking Athena, an AI-assistant, in a 1:1 interaction
  • Analyze large amounts of data in real-time, and receive actionable insights for more informed, data-driven decisions

Delivering Advanced Analytics from EHRs

Unlock your hospital’s full potential with real-time insights, advanced reporting, automation and AI-powered recommendations.

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Customers powered by ConverSight

Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital

ConverSight’s analytical capabilities and data management plays a critical role in developing agility within our supply chain ecosystem.

Kiran Narayan VP Supply Chain Operations