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ConverSight excels in simplifying complex procedures by seamlessly automating every intricate step, transforming them into user-friendly and clickable solutions.

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Only 10% of analysts will use augmented analytics technology to its full potential

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Augmented Analytics - Business Storyboards

Instant Business Storyboards with a Single Click

Say goodbye to hours of manual storyboard creation

Creating a storyboard might seem a bit challenging for business users, but in ConverSight, you can save time and effort by crafting a storyboard with just a few clicks.

Augmented Analytics - Instant Insights

Effortless Reporting, Instant Insights

With Augmented Analytics, generating reports is incredibly easy thanks to the user-friendly UI. Users can effortlessly run specific filters and schedule reports for specific periods, enhancing the overall reporting experience.

Augmented Analytics - Automated Data Storytelling
Augmented Analytics - CS Analyzer

Your Data’s Best Companion – Meet CS Analyzer

CS Analyzer feature allows uncovering hidden insights within your datasets by understanding your data, aids in pattern recognition, relationships and paves the way for data-driven decision-making, ultimately leading you to success.

Augmented Analytics - Smart Analytics

Navigate Tomorrow with Smart Analytics

ConverSight forecasting delivers unparalleled accuracy through reduced errors (MAE, MSE), robust time-series tuning and an advanced ensemble learning algorithm, ensuring superior predictive analytics.

Augmented Analytics - Smart Analytics

Your GPS for Smart Decision-Making

Navigate the uncertainties of the future with confidence as our predictions and recommendations act as your guiding compass, providing valuable insights. ConverSight actively monitors data, delivering timely alerts when specific conditions or criteria are met.

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