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No Code Low Code - Jupyter Notebook

Jupyter Notebook for Your Analytics​

ConverSight offers a Jupyter Notebook environment, empowering users to effortlessly create, run and save workflows/algorithms. The Notebook comes equipped with built-in libraries like ConverSight Library and CS-SDK, and users have the flexibility to customize it with their own packages.​

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ConverSight utilizes pure Python, enabling you to write code in your preferred style. It effortlessly incorporates raw Python functions without the need for any code alterations.

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The data types are strictly defined and enforced with predefined rules and constraints. This process validates data throughout the workflow, helping maintain data integrity and quality across the data processing pipeline.

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ConverSight tasks facilitate parallel processing for intricate data operations and optimization by breaking down larger computations into independent segments.

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Within ConverSight, the integration of workflows offers a seamless and cohesive approach, allowing one workflow to be intricately incorporated into another. This interconnected structure enhances the overall efficiency and coordination of the processes within the system.​

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A workflow can be provided with provisions to be utilized and executed through API access.​

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By registering your workflow and models locally, initiate seamless deployment to production. Users, depending on their access level, can effortlessly subscribe and reuse the workflow, tailoring configurations to their requirements.

Streamlined Workflow Excellence

Pure Python

Simplified UI for Streamlined Workflow Management

Effortless Re-running

Easy Configuration

Collaborative Access

Instant Cloning

Re-run workflows effortlessly with a single click, removing the need for intricate coding. The user interface is designed for a streamlined and simplified experience, making the repetition of workflows quick and efficient.​

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Configure workflows with ease, offering a user-friendly interface for seamless customization of various inputs. The intuitive design ensures a hassle-free process in adjusting workflow parameters.​

Depending on the access level, workflows are available for subscription by other users. This collaborative feature empowers users to adjust parameters and inputs based on their preferences, fostering adaptability and teamwork.​

Seamlessly clone configurations to transfer settings from one workflow to another instantly. This time-saving feature ensures consistency by replicating configurations with just a few clicks.​

No Code Low Code - Change Management

Effortless Change Management and Smart Scheduling​

Simplify change tracking and seamless transitions to preferred versions with our analytics version control. Empower your workflow with smart scheduling, automating code execution under precise conditions and triggers for a seamless experience​.

Build Powerful Data Apps

No Code Low Code - Effortless App Creation
Effortless App Creation

Build an App within ConverSight with just a few lines of code. Experience automatic updates as you iteratively run the source file.​

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Low Code App Development

No need for backend coding, defining routes, handling HTTP requests, or writing HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more. Anyone, even non-technical users, can create an App instantly.​

No Code Low Code - Version Control
Simplified Deployment with Version Control

Deploy Data App effortlessly using a simplified UI, eliminating the need for coding during deployment. The CS Dashboard ensures version control, enabling instant deployment, reversion and switching without any impact or time-consuming processes.​

No Code Low Code - Lambda

Code-Centric Simplicity with Serverless Lambda Integration​

ConverSight has Lambda functions integrated as a part of the serverless computing paradigm, where developers don’t need to provision or manage servers. This allows users to focus on their code without worrying about infrastructure management.​

Smart Scaling

Data Scaling Pro

ConverSight seamlessly scales with your data, accommodating diverse use cases and large user bases dealing with extensive data volumes.​

Turbocharged Performance

Achieving exceptional performance through a high-performing GPU framework, ConverSight reduces latency and enhances overall platform performance. It employs Apache Parquet for efficient data storage and retrieval, operating on advanced machine learning algorithms and intelligent caching for optimal user experiences.​

No Code Low Code - Access Management

User-Focused Access Management

Establish dataset permissions, protect sensitive information and fine-tune feature-level access based on individual roles and platform interactions, guaranteeing a secure and personalized experience for every user.​

Simplifying Compute Farm, Data Lake, and Data Cache

Simplify your experience without the need for intricate queries or complex procedures.​

No Code Low Code - Data Lake and Cache
Customize Your Cluster

Craft your cluster with ease using our intuitive UI. Schedule for seamless workflows, empower Athena for on-demand clusters and effortlessly manage all clusters from one centralized hub with automated culling.​

Data Lake

Whether you have your own cloud database or on-premise database, seamlessly connect it to our platform. Alternatively, leverage the power of our ConverSight Data Lake for a unified data experience.​

Data Cache

Boost performance with enabled data caching. Choose between shared or dedicated caching options to tailor the experience to your specific needs.​

No Code Low Code - Cloud Flexibility

Cloud Flexibility

Adaptable to shape your ideal solution.

You have the option to use our cloud infrastructure or you can bring your own cloud and seamlessly connect with us.

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