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Effortless data exploration, all with the help of generative AI.

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With GenAI, your business questions are understood instantly. Our powerful system ensures that the insights provided closely match what you’re looking for. Say goodbye to waiting – experience the ease and speed of GenAI for all your business queries!

Gen AI - Athena Chat

Athena’s Gen AI Narrative

Athena transforms insights into a compelling narrative using Gen AI capabilities, unveiling both the strengths and weaknesses of the subject matter. Additionally, Athena pinpoints specific areas requiring improvement and goes the extra mile to elucidate the reasons behind these observations, providing a comprehensive understanding of the how, when and why behind each insight.

Gen AI - Semantic Graph

Built-In Semantic Graph

ConverSight integrates Synapsnet, its own knowledge base serving as the semantic layer, eliminating the need for external dependencies in semantic processing. This embedded semantic graph empowers Athena to uncover concealed relationships within data, seamlessly revealing hidden patterns and trends in response to user queries.

Gen AI - LLM

Bring Your Own LLM

Personalize Athena with your own Language Model (LLM) training. Get precise and tailored interactions for your dataset, making Athena your go-to expert in a simple, personalized approach.

Built-In Vector DB and Memory

Athena excels at grasping conversation nuances through its integrated vector DB and memory. This feature allows Athena to recall previous interactions, ensuring it provides responses that are not only relevant but also coherent—a fundamental aspect for shaping captivating and meaningful conversations.

Gen AI - Hybrid Q&A

Hybrid Q&A: Seamlessly Navigate Both Structured and Unstructured Data

Athena can now efficiently navigate through the intricacies of structured data to address a wide range of business queries with precision. It also excels in interpreting and extracting valuable insights from unstructured data.

Gen AI - Training with Athena

Athena Masters Every Possibility with Training Magic

Enhance Athena’s training by incorporating alternative vocabularies and diverse expressions. This will optimize the querying process for your specific dataset and domain, allowing it to generate insights effectively even when faced with varied expressions or queries.

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