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Unlock infinite possibilities with Serverless Decision Apps or CS apps  – where complexity takes a back seat and limitless possibilities unfold at the speed of innovation.

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52% of data professionals say dashboards are disregarded because they don’t get the message across.

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Data Apps - Simplify Decisions

Simplify Decisions with One Unified Space

Embrace unparalleled ease in decision-making as we bring you a seamless, integrated platform where your analytic and transactional apps merge into one. No more navigating through disparate tools or fragmented interfaces – our unified space offers a cohesive environment for effortless decision-making. ​

Consolidate data, streamline processes and experience a new level of efficiency. ​

Data Apps - Data Impact

Make Impact with Your Data​

Personalize your apps according to your workflow and data, and seamlessly integrate specific functionalities. Experience the convenience of viewing your data and taking prompt action, all within a unified interface.​

Data Apps - Building Apps

Build Your Apps Easily, No Expertise Needed

No prerequisites are needed to create your apps, just open the Notebook and start building your own CS Apps, as all libraries and components are already in place. No expertise is necessary to build your own, simply construct your CS Apps with ease in no time.​

Data Apps - Widgets

Easily Add Widgets

Users can effortlessly add widgets, just like variables, without the need to handle HTML, JavaScript, or backend code. Our CS App simplifies the process with a low-code version, allowing non-technical individuals to become developers.​

Data Apps - Deployment

Lightning-Quick Deployment​

Experience hassle-free deployment. Launch your apps in minutes on our platform, and every code tweak gets its own version. This gives users complete control over the versions they deploy and share with others.​

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