Demand Planning

Accurately predict demand and plan for the future to improve sales and increase customer satisfaction. 

demand planning

What is demand planning?

Demand planning is a supply chain management process of predicting or estimating how much inventory your customers will buy from you to help businesses meet customer demand for products while minimizing excess inventory. It involves creating a demand plan based on a statistical forecast that takes into consideration many factors that can influence demand – such as inventory levels, marketing strategies, buying trends, etc – and then details where to distribute the products in order to meet the anticipated demand. 

Inventory planning that keeps up with the speed of customer demand

The goal of demand planning is to maintain the right amount of inventory to meet customer demand without incurring shortages or wasting capital on producing and storing surplus inventory. makes access to real-time data increasingly available, improving forecast accuracy and demand planning immensely. Built-in collaboration tools help planners react faster to changes that occur in supply and demand. 

Maintain accurate inventory levels

Forecast demand for improved customer satisfaction

Reduce product shortages and stock-outs

Create a demand plan based on statistical forecasts to minimize stockouts and excess inventory

Demand planning increases efficiencies in producing and delivering product to the customer’s satisfaction while optimizing the balance between market opportunity and supply network capability. strikes that perfect balance to meet customer demand without incurring shortages or wasting capital on producing and storing surplus inventory.

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Demand planning accuracy with the power of AI

React quickly to changes in demand

Plan around product seasonality

Maintain accurate inventory levels

Identify popular product combinations

Predict products customers want

Increase overall customer satisfaction

Understand consumer behavior

Increase sales

Remove non-moving inventory

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