Making Sense of Generative AI for Supply Chain

Generative AI For Supply Chains

Generative AI opens up a world of possibilities for supply chains, enabling them to unleash their creativity, drive innovation, and gain a competitive edge. Learn how supply chain leaders are not only making sense of generative AI and large language models (LLM’s), but leveraging them in their every day operation to create efficiencies, improve tasks and up-level strategic thinking, and ultimately help them meet their goals by simply asking questions. 

  1. How generative AI fits into existing and future business and operating models
  2. How businesses are applying generative AI across departments and use cases
  3. How to prepare for digital transformation opportunities resulting from generative AI trends

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Business Conversations Made Easy with Auto-Generated Data Stories

Generative AI For Supply Chains
Gartner reports 70% of organizations are currently in exploration mode with generative AI. Are you one of them? 
  • Join the webinar to see how small and medium sized businesses are implementing these powerful innovations to drive decisions, optimize operations and gain an understanding of their business’ data like never before.
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Benefits of Generative AI:

Data Storytelling

Personalized data explanations removes the guesswork.

Simplify Data Analysis with Unified Analytics

Eliminate the need to switch between tools for convenience and streamlined workflows.

Elevate Conversations

Gain a clearer understanding of data by simply asking questions.

Predictive & Proactive Insights

Mitigate risk with proactive alerts that catch errors, patterns, and anomalies.

Drive More Value from Your Data

Intelligent Story Generation
  • Gain a deeper understanding of their data through enhanced data understanding delivered through smart executive summaries that provide a narrative to the numbers.
  • Data stories enable decision-makers to grasp complex concepts, identify trends, and derive meaningful conclusions from the data by understanding the how and why.  
Performance Tracking and Monitoring
  • Equipped with a new timelining feature, ConverSight GPT delivers granular insights to assess performance changes and understand data trends with various lenses.
  • The feature encapsulates critical findings, KPIs, and actionable recommendations, facilitating efficient communication across departments. 
Enhanced Data Security
  • Benefit from the power of GPT and LLMs for advanced business analytics. ConverSight GPT securely integrates with existing data systems to instantly deliver insights relevant to each business’s unique data and security parameters.
  • Maintain robust security measures, such as data validation, anomaly detection, and model monitoring, making it an essential to detect vulnerabilities, ensuring the integrity and reliability of AI-generated insights
Simplify Data Analysis for Smarter Decision-Making
  • Access the exact data you need, in the moment you need it, simply by asking Athena, an AI-assistant, in a 1:1 interaction
  • Analyze large amounts of data in real-time, and receive actionable insights for more informed, data-driven decisions

Unified Data Analytics for the Future of Business

Unlock your data’s full potential with real-time insights, advanced reporting, automation and AI-powered recommendations.

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“ConverSight GPT’ Executive Summary, a brief paragraph that’s auto-generated every morning, will work wonders in allowing us to understand the narrative of the numbers – not just the what but the why, how, and what’s next”

Hector Garcia Financial Analyst