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Still waiting on reports? Get real-time data, insights, and recommendations on-demand, just by asking questions.

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Why wait on SAP Reports, when you can talk directly to your data?

What used to take days – now takes seconds. See how ConverSight delivers custom reports, actionable insights, and guided recommendations on demand.

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Meet Athena, and never wait on another report.

Why wait on reports, when you can just ask your data? Chat our virtual assistant, Athena, any question and receive the answer you’re looking for – in seconds. It’s the most intuitive way to interact with your data, guaranteed.

Connect with SAP Business One

Our AI business assistant Athena connects with your ERP to deliver real-time data, insights, recommendations, and automation on demand.

Communicate with Your Data in Real-Time

Ask Athena any question about your SAP data and receive instant answers in a comprehensive, visual format with AI-driven precision.

Empower Everyone to Gain Insights from Data

With ConverSight, everyone in your organization can get real-time insights from SAP data for faster, smarter, business decisions.

Drive Actionable Insights from Your SAP Data

Improve decision making with enhanced reporting and dashboards

Generate streamlined, custom reports for full visibility into your inventory, revenue, and operations in real-time. Turn insights into actions with AI-guided recommendations based on historical trends, predictions, and business objectives.

Communicate with your data through a single search bar

Have a question about your data? Just ask. Athena delivers the data points, dashboards, and reports you need, in a format you understand, all through a single search bar – no learning curve required. 

Add automation to streamline reporting and productivity

Take the guesswork out of planning by automating recurring reports like inventory management, POs, and dynamic demand forecasts, all with AI-driven precision. Automate tasks like ordering, inventory tracking, performance monitoring and cost analysis for higher efficiency. 

Customize reports and modules to fit your needs

Gain access to the exact data you need, in the moment you need it, simply by asking Athena. Nearly every aspect of our platform is customizable, allowing you to get granular with your data. Want to see inventory levels, by item, by store? You’ve got it, in seconds. 

Customers powered by ConverSight

Sonic Tools USA.

ConverSight was able to supplement practically all of the shortcomings we found with our existing inventory management system, especially in the areas of reporting, forecasts and analytics. Our company became an expert in retrieving data to make information- based decisions.

Galen Hagerty IT Systems Admin

Extract Companies

ConverSight provides our sales team with data driven insight to pre-emptively target customer demands based on what Athena recommends.”

Chris A. President

Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital

ConverSight’s analytical capabilities and data management plays a critical role in developing agility within our supply chain ecosystem.

Kiran Narayan VP Supply Chain Operations

Turn SAP Data Into Actionable Insights

Sync, transform and analyze your data at a fraction of the cost and effort. 

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