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increase in productivity



decrease in report creation costs



decrease in time spent in ad hoc queries

With ConverSight you can

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Responsiveness and agility

“With ConverSight, everyone at our company became an expert in retrieving data to make information- based decisions.”

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360° visibility in one place

Receive proactive insights from your data, tailored to your role.

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Empowered teams

“ConverSight provides instant access to data that previously would take a data analyst hours to mine and build custom reports from. Now, I can just ask Athena.”

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Become your own data expert

“ConverSight saves us time and money that we can reinvest into the continued growth of our business.”

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Mentioned in Gartner’s 2022 Augmented Analytics Market Report

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Self-creating dashboards provide answers to complex questions

Access insights by asking questions to Athena

A low-code platform to build
conversational analytics

Connect with an ERP
Self-creating insights
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Customers powered by ConverSight

Bernell Corporation

“ConverSight ‘s dynamic business insights platform helps us to achieve our goals, which we believe will save us time and money that we can reinvest into the continued growth of our business.”

Chris A. President

Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital

“ConverSight’s analytical capabilities and data management plays a critical role in developing agility within our supply chain ecosystem.”

Kiran Narayan VP Supply Chain Operations

Fishbowl Inventory

“ConverSight provides a whole new level by providing real-time, voice activated reporting, dashboards, alerts and monitoring and automated tasks.

Extract Companies

“ConverSight provides our sales team with data driven insight to pre-emptively target customer demands based on what Athena recommends.”

Steve C. Supply Chain, Logistics and QMS

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