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Go beyond the dashboard to improve decision making with collaboration, automation, and smart recommendations. 

Boost agility with real-time analytics and recommendations.


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Leave complex, predefined dashboards behind with personalized insights and AI-powered decision intelligence built for you. 


Get need-to-know insights

Athena senses and responds to changes in demand, supply and inventory turn-over as it happens, keeping your team advised and on target at all times.

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Athena monitors your business around the clock to deliver recommendations and next best steps so every action is informed and confident.


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Hello, I’m Athena

Athena is an intuitive conversational AI business assistant, sensing changes in demand and inventory to optimize your supply chain.

Make better business decisions with the power of AI

Deficiencies in operations and analytics reveal an overwhelming lack of timeliness, cost-efficiency, and accuracy across businesses. seamlessly draws insights across distributed data sets to automate repetitive tasks and recommend the next best action. 

Supply chains are facing unprecedented disruption

Customer expectations, inventory costs and shifts in demand have created a critical need for advanced analytics and automation like never before. With, close the gap between planning and execution to take every next step with confidence. 

retail and e-commerce

Retail and E-Commerce

Identify customer demand and purchasing trends in real-time to optimize inventory and cash flow. 


Improve end-to-end visibility with a control tower for AI-powered recommendations and instant alerts.

distribution and logistics

Distribution and Logistics

Respond to real-time changes in demand to reduce stock-outs and achieve  successful movement of inventory.

A new demand pattern demands change

Leverage the power of AI to access real-time data on sales, inventory and distribution to speed reaction times and create operational and supply chain efficiencies like never before. 

Decision Intelligence Platform

Make better decisions, faster with’s monitoring, alerting and interactive decision-making capabilities.

Know the difference between demand planning and demand forecasting

Navigating changes in demand with AI powered visibility

Demand planning for better business decisions

Accurate Response Planning’s Athena proactively delivers key business metrics throughout the day. Now leaders, customers and suppliers can access the insights they rely on to make the right decision at the right time – anytime, anywhere.

Grow agility and resilience to meet customer demand

Take control of expiring and non-moving inventory

See a day in the life with Athena

Visibility for Agility and Responsiveness

Athena improves visibility into all corners of your business to uncover hidden insights and flag early-stage anomalies. Access multiple applications and databases in real-time from a single search bar.

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" has helped us keep our inventory levels as clean as possible. Athena is an intuitive conversational AI business assistant, sensing changes in demand and inventory to optimize your supply chain."

Dustin, Director of Technology and Operations

"With, everyone at our company became an expert in retrieving data to make information- based decisions. The solution provides instant access to data that previously would take a data analyst hours to mine and build custom reports from. Now, I can just ask Athena."

Nick, Director of Operations

"As a chain of hospitals of our size and quantum of transactions, we’re constantly inundated with data making it difficult to find answers. The automated features help make decision making easy. Very user-friendly tool - the control tower is a great feature."

Kiran, VP of Supply Chain Operations

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