Autonomous Vehicle Leader Gains Raw Material Procurement Analytics with AI

See how a world-renowned leader in autonomous vehicles added automated supply chain visibility to their organization.

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Increased visibility and insight for delivery and procurement analytics



reduction in time spent generating analytics



increase in on-time delivery



reduction in short cycle purchase orders



reduction in expiring inventory

Key Outcomes
  • Automated, proactive insights into raw material status
  • Drill down functions, enabling detailed and granular analytics pertaining to critical parts
  • Reports created in seconds without dependency on data engineers or scientists


An innovative world leader in autonomous vehicles was managing 2,500+ raw material part numbers with 150 suppliers. The company needed automated supply chain and materials visibility, coupled with smart and proactive analytics within the fast-growing autonomous vehicle

With a huge growth In revenue, the sales orders, and hence, materials requirements
for production were changing drastically. The raw materials procurement function
needed to adjust regularly for the ever- changing demand.


ConverSight automated procurement processes and tracking of critical parts, giving the customer power over their supply chain. The customer was able to optimize their inventory with proactive insight into materials on hand and other critical information.

Raw Material Status – With ConverSight, the customer gained automated, proactive insights into raw material status, allowing for accurate build and production plans.

Drill-down Analytics – Granular analytics with detailed information about the procurement process.

Data Democratization – Users of all levels can get access to role-level data with reports created in seconds, no need for data engineers or data scientists.


ConverSight brought together disparate systems in the customer’s procurement network, and automated critical parts of the supply network to stay on top of global supply changes. AI functions were able to drill down into the analytics to get clear and concise data within seconds, reducing the time spent generating key business analytics.

Since the initial deployment, the customer has gained:

  • Recommended Purchase Orders: ConverSight automatically analyzed sales orders, master data, and transactional data to offer proactive recommendations for placing purchase orders, along with due dates for optimal completion.
  • Critical Parts Tracking: Automated tracking of critical parts, and alerts with relevant Information on sales orders, ETA of parts, shortage dates, etc.
  • Raw Materials Stock: Offered complete clarity around raw materials on hand, allocations, and other crucial analytics, all through a no code low code platform.

With the adoption of ConverSight, the customer gained augmented and automated procurement analytics to power their production plan.

For more information about how ConverSight can slash inventory costs and reduce stockouts, request a demo today.

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