Jul 10, 2020

ConverSight Launches COVID-19 Initiative to Empower Supply Chain Organizations for Long-Term Resilience

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (July 10, 2020) — ConverSight, an artificial intelligence and adaptive analytics platform company, is today announcing its initiative to minimize disruption and impact to supply chains amid COVID-19 challenges. ConverSight’s ATHENA, an AI business assistant for supply chain leaders, collects data across systems to discover hidden insights and deliver recommendations to ensure organizations make the right next move.  

“We have a responsibility to equip supply chain organizations with the latest technology critical in navigating these uncertain times,” said Ganesh Gandhieswaran, CEO and Co-founder of ConverSight. “It’s not a matter of simply placing a band-aid over a short-term issue, but rather setting up manufacturers and distributors to systematically evolve to become more agile and resilient long-term.”    

With this initiative, organizations will:  

  • Declutter and achieve visibility across distributed data sets to see inventory levels, price fluctuations, customer demand and stock levels, and more  
  • Identify and adjust supply and demand to optimize cash flow  
  • Receive recommendations to accurately plan and forecast with COVID-19 impact  
  • Collaborate across teams, stakeholders and customers through a customizable dashboard with autogenerated insights of curated business KPI’s 

To date, the company has helped small to large-sized manufacturing and distribution companies decrease report creation costs by as much as seventy percent, eliminating significant bottlenecks and streamlining end-to-end supply chain operation. Customers have also benefited by seeing margin increases in the double digits through improved margin visibility and access to AI-driven recommendations. 

Conversight has garnered momentum due to the adoption of AI in the supply chain market having recently raised $1.5 million in funding to continue investing in its technology and expanding its solution offering in the supply chain vertical. The company has seen significant traction in the enterprise customer base over the past year including manufacturing and distribution customers Cargill, Bernell and Small Lot Wines.  

“MAVPAK has experienced significant improvements across our sales, production and purchasing team performance since using the ConverSight.ai platform,” said Nick Campbell, VP of Operations at MAVPAK. “The visibility we have gained has played a critical role in streamlining our business so we can promptly supply our customers with the products they need to serve their customers as demand fluctuates and shifts.”   

Additionally, ConverSight has been recognized nationally for innovative developments, winning the Peoples Choice Award for SXSW’s Startup of the Year pitch competition.  

To learn more about the ConverSight COVID-19 response initiative, visit: www.convers24stg.wpenginepowered.com/supply-chain-optimization  



Founded in 2017, ConverSight, humanizes the interaction between computer systems and the users. The artificial intelligence and analytics-based platform uncovers actionable business insights for enterprises through natural language conversations. Digital analytics, AI and business insights are becoming a key differentiator in the supply chain space and supply disruptions are rewriting the rules of the game. ConverSight’s comprehensive platform empowers users to engage with systems using simple dialogue, enabling organizations to make informed and accurate decisions through Natural Language Conversational Interaction. To learn more, visit www.convers24stg.wpenginepowered.com 

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