Jun 30, 2021

ConverSight Wins Digital Innovation Awards by Ventana Research in Operations and Supply Chain

Judges of the 14thAnnual Digital Innovations Awards name ConverSight as the winning solution provider in “Operations and Supply Chain”, recognizing technology vendors that best exemplifies innovation in the technologies that support operations or service/supply chain.

Indianapolis (June 30th, 2021) — ConverSight, a leading decision intelligence platform that enables users with real-time insights to optimize supply chain operation and inventory levels with its AI assistant, Athena, has been announced a winner of Ventana Research’s 14thAnnual Digital Innovation Awards’ Operations and Supply Chain category. This award is for a technology vendor that best exemplifies innovation in the technologies that support operations or service/supply chain.

“The need for optimizing supply chains and introducing substantive improvement requires digital innovation using technology that can provide the value from investment,” said Mark Smith, CEO and Chief Research Officer at Ventana Research. “Congratulations to ConverSight for being the winner of the Digital Innovation Award for Operations and Supply Chain, and providing the innovation that organizations across the world can use to transform their supply chains.”

The Digital Innovation Awards identify the trailblazing technologies that have the most striking impact in their respective markets and recognize pioneering vendors that contribute advancements in technology, drive change and increase value for organizations worldwide. Ventana Research analysts select award winners for not just the innovative technology approach, but also how it applies to people, processes, information and technology, the best practices it supports, the degree of team involvement and the technologies, business impact and value.

“Supply chains around the world are facing disruption with distributed teams, disconnected systems and manual reporting. Now more than ever, decision makers require advanced, automated visibility into business data to spot critical anomalies and forecast accurately for the future to navigate this challenging business climate,” said Ganesh Gandhieswaran, CEO and Co-founder of ConverSight. “We are honored to be recognized by the prestigious Ventana Research awards and their esteemed analysts as a leader in helping supply chains optimize and manage inventory, meet customer demand, and improve operational agility and resilience with the power of our AI assistant, Athena.”

ConverSight empowers decision makers in the supply chain with accurate and user-friendly insights through its patented conversational AI technology that uses natural language processing and machine learning to power its AI business assistant, Athena. Athena connects distributed databases to deliver smart recommendations and insights through 3 key functions: information on-demand, proactive insights and dashboards, and recommended actions. These components combine to create the ultimate supply chain control tower for end-to-end optimization and agility in less than a month.

Learn more about the award at https://www.ventanaresearch.com/resources/awards/innovation.


ConverSight, is a decision intelligence and analytics-based platform that uncovers actionable business insights for enterprises through natural language conversations and enables them to take action instantly. The platform generates tremendous efficiencies across organizational hierarchies from junior to senior leadership, reducing report generation costs by over 50%.

Founded in 2017, ConverSight, humanizes the interaction between computer systems and the users. By going beyond static, non-adaptive, inconvenient user interfaces and data interactions, ConverSight’s comprehensive platform empowers users to engage with systems using simple dialogue, enabling organizations to make informed and accurate decisions through Natural Language Conversational Interaction. Learn more at www.convers24stg.wpenginepowered.com

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