Aug 31, 2021

Improving Collaboration Through Data Stories

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Automation is increasing the adoption of data storytelling for data-driven decision making

Data and analytics leaders are increasingly using automated data storytelling to display insights and make integral decisions for businesses. Automated data storytelling is when a narrative is immediately built around a set of data and its accompanying visualizations. this is done through the enablement of advanced artificial intelligence instead of a data analyst. As a result, the meaning of that data is presented in both an effective and efficient form. By definition, data stories are meant to be shared. When data stories are shared they have positive impacts in an organization by tenfold. 

“Collaboration speeds up the decision making process by 47% .

The impact on collaboration 

Collaboration is an important ingredient for businesses with distributed teams and data. According to recent research, collaboration speeds up the decision making process by 47%. This directly lead to an increase in outcomes and revenue. In fact, according to the same research done by the Aberdeen Group “companies that encourage analytical collaboration experience an average of 18% in revenue growth and 5% higher operating profits.” With emphasis on creating more efficient avenues to sharing data and insights, businesses should prioritize solutions. These solutions will provide the most simplicity and control to unlock the power of their data. 

What it means for your business

When you are in a meeting with fellow colleagues that oversee different departments, every person brings ideas. These idea are diversely important to the discussion as well as to the overall strategy of the company. Using advanced analytics to enhance collaboration among groups increases user autonomy, community collaboration and business resilience. Collaborative data storytelling improves operations within your company to enable faster decision making, greater revenues, and increased employee input and satisfaction. 

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