In Comparison: ConverSight and Qlik

ConverSight vs. Qlik

ConverSight vs. Qlik

Many data analytics softwares offer robust features for data visualization and proactive insights, but many now offer additional features such as AI and GPT integrations to tell the full story that a business’ data is telling. This article will explore the differences between ConverSight and Qlik, how each functions to access and parse data, and most importantly their AI and GPT capabilities. These functions are crucial for decision makers to consider when adding new AI to their tech stack.

Traditional dashboards and insights rely on human effort to review and reveal key data insights. AI and automation allows business users to make data-driven decisions while relying on AI, and democratizing data for the entire organization ultimately improving decision making across the business.

With the addition of GPT integrations, data storytelling and augmented analytics will continue to be the most in-depth way for users to access and get insight into their data and if a business isn’t currently leveraging a tool that leverages these advanced technologies, they will get left behind. Let’s take a look at ConverSight’s and Qlik’s capabilities:

Key Differentiators:

  1. GPT Features: Qlik’s AI features include the Qlik Associative Engine, which let’s users query their data and get insights outside of the SQL format. ConverSight provides generative AI and GPT features such as conversational AI; data storytelling and intelligent story generation to provide the full picture on user data; advanced querying abilities, and timelines to assess data over time. This is the next iteration of the ConverSight platform, integrated with GPT and LLM technologies.
  2. User interface: While Qlik’s data visualization capabilities are efficient for some, ConverSight’s updated CS23 platform takes your data a step further. ConverSight is customized to the user and their role, level and department, offering personalized interactions with its AI assistant Athena. With Athena, users hold one-to-one interactions with their data by asking simple (and complex) questions. Athena goes a step further to suggest additional insights to explore related insights, recommend next steps and automate time-consuming actions.
  3. Data visualization: Qlik’s data visualization capabilities include basic visualizations and charts, able to present basic data in presentable formats. ConverSight provides highly interactive and customizable visualizations, with features like in-depth data exploration and real-time data updates with the ability to drill down into the data and produce a wide range of visualizations, including charts and executive summaries with generative AI.
  4. Data integration: Qlik has the power to integrate mass amounts of disparate data, but lacks real-time data connectivity features and data quality and enrichment recommendations. ConverSight is cloud neutral, currently supports over 120 integrations and is able to support any cloud database via API integration.
  5. Collaboration: Qlik provides features to quickly share insights and visualizations with fellow users. ConverSight has social collaboration options such as “liking” and “commenting” on reports and dashboards as well as providing easy data sharing options.


Founded in 1993, Qlik is a business analytics platform that allows users to connect disparate data systems and get data insights. Qlik is an all-in-one platform that can store and parse data for users, while also providing users with various data visualization tools. Qlik enables businesses to:

  • Connect and store their data in the cloud for easy access
  • Integrate multiple, disparate data sources into one platform
  • Receive proactive insights and analytics to spur action 
  • Automated ML to bring advanced learning to new data sets and trends
  • Advanced Security and data privacy to protect user data 

While Qlik provides a robust set of data visualization capabilities, users often find that Qlik has inflexible data extraction methods, as well as complicated data visualization tools, especially when working with large data sets. 


Recognizing the challenges many businesses were facing with data ingestion, analytics and decision making, ConverSight was built to humanize the interaction users have with data through the power of augmented analytics, data storytelling and generative AI. With the help of its AI assistant, Athena, ConverSight users gain access to endless insights in a manageable, digestible interface that prioritizes the user.

Generative AI: Athena has the ability to create data stories, producing timelines and narratives that provide the full picture on the story the data is telling. Natural language querying provides the most in-depth way for business users to access and get insights into their data, all in a simple 1:1 interaction with AI.

  • Get timelines and explanations around your queries, as AI makes sense of your data and provides a data story. Uncover valuable insights with AI that you would not detect otherwise.
  • Gain advanced querying abilities, and drill down into your data like never before with ConverSight’s unique LLM modeling.
  • Automate your performance tracking and monitoring with AI.
  • Enhanced data security means your proprietary information is safe within the platform.

Easy Data Connection: ConverSight has over 130 integrations, making it easier than ever for businesses to connect their disparate data systems and get insights.

End-to-end visibility: With control towers, AI platforms create a 360-degree view of data, allowing businesses to view their data from every angle. Control towers lead businesses toward transparency and better coordination, which allows businesses to stay on top of demand which leads to lower costs and higher efficiency.

AI Workbench: Build and scale your own unique models across an open source platform. Utilize Jupyter notebook and AI/ML frameworks to build models that work for your company specifically. Publish your framework in the marketplace to increase reusability across your entire organization.

While Qlik provides basic data visualization and insights capabilities for users, ConverSight provides a much more robust and simultaneously easier to use solution that integrates new GPT technologies for enhanced data querying. Engage AI in a 1:1 to ask questions about your data, and get the full picture around the answer, the how, why and what to do next. Democratize data for your entire organization, and keep data safe on a user and row level for data-driven decision making.

Request a demo today to see the difference for yourself. 

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