January 6, 2023

Supply Chain Optimization

Starting with Supply Chain Optimization 

Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers alike are feeling the pressure of navigating unexpected customer demand and maintaining stock and sales all while needing to reduce operational costs like never before. With supply chains feeling strained for time, supply and demand have never been higher. This is why supply chain optimization, as well as optimizing operations and inventory efficiently is critical in order to get ahead of unpredictable setbacks and become leaders in their industry.

What is supply chain optimization? 

As we know, supply chains encompass all steps from the creation of the product all the way to the delivery of the product to the consumer. AI-powered supply chain optimization shifts supply chain operations to make sure that a supply chain is performing at its peak efficiency. Some metrics that indicate an optimized supply chain include:

  • Reduced stock-outs and overstocks 
  • Automated processes, reducing time spent on repetitive tasks and freeing up resources
  • Improved cash flow through end-to-end inventory visibility 

Together these processes keep supply chain management and planning on track, while maintaining a competitive advantage to ensure a swift movement of products from production to distribution. 

Why is supply chain optimization necessary? 

  1. Real-Time Visibility 

In modern-day businesses, we see mass amounts of data being collected almost daily., Businesses must use this data to detect algorithms and patterns. With real-time and up-to-date data there is much visibility that guides supply chain operations to meet consumer needs and increase efficiency. Supply chain optimization tools steam data to supply chain managers helping to gain full visibility allowing for reactive and proactive decisions. 

  1. Centralized Data 

As businesses integrate data sets supply chain optimization provides full visibility. With a 360-degree integration of data, supply chains have a clear view of the interworkings of every stage of operations, from manufacturing to distribution and even sales and customer performance. With AI-powered control towers, businesses can access every angle of their supply chain data to make growth-oriented decisions. Every business wants to be as efficient as possible and with machine learning supply chain optimization this can easily be achieved. In order for supply chains to remain both resilient and agile they must optimize with supply chain optimization software. By relying on centralized data as the single source of truth,  businesses will see a better flow of both products and information helping narrow costs by providing accurate end-to-end visibility. 

  1. Information sharing and team collaboration 

In order to gain full access to data to efficiently optimize supply chains businesses must work towards eliminating silos of data and teams. These silos hold and isolate mass amounts of data and it has become difficult and costly for businesses to extract this essential information. Eliminating data silos helps provide full visibility for better decision-making in supply chains. It is important to recognize data sharing with AI is a crucial step when effectively communicating with third-party stakeholders. AI allows your business to make data-driven decisions faster and provide a narrative to support those decisions. Effective information sharing beyond the walls of your business will add incredible value to your data. When we look beyond sharing data and insights collaboration amongst teams is a necessity. Using advanced analytics to enhance collaboration among groups increases user autonomy, community collaboration, and business resilience. Collaborative data storytelling improves operations within your company to enable faster decision-making, greater revenues, and increased employee input and satisfaction. 


As the supply chain industry continues to evolve and navigate challenges from the past few years, it is critical for leaders to evaluate ways to become more efficient, develop resilience, and overall improve cash flow. Incorporating supply chain optimization methods into your business plan will drive your business toward efficiency with constant real-time visibility, improved decision making, and cohesive operations. Optimize your supply chain today by requesting a demo!

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