Jan 6, 2021

The Supply Chain Control Tower: Why They’re Critical in 2021

The COVID-19 crisis prompted the need for superior visibility and agility in the supply chain. This was due to unforeseen movements in demand, sales, and production. Now, more than ever, it is necessary for businesses to have access to a 360 degree view into all areas of the supply chain. With the the ability to track materials, know item availability, and see what items sell quickest, companies are able to stay on top of demand and improve end-to-end visibility. According to Gartner, the implementation of control towers in the supply chain leads to more transparency and better coordination, which results in lower costs and higher efficiency.

Supply chains today are being faced with mass amounts of data. As a result, the need for stronger methods of analyzing, decluttering, and organizing the inflow of information has increased. The power of artificial intelligence creates critical visibility that helps businesses predict and respond to fluctuations in demand.

Lack of visibility stems from a variety of challenges. Entrepreneur states that around 44 percent of businesses have not developed a clear strategy to deal with disruptions in supply chains. Common obstacles include lack of planning, integration, and execution, technological constraints limiting useful insights, and the inability to predict and prepare for future risks.

Conversight’s AI business assistant, Athena, addresses this data problem by seamlessly delivering actionable insights. Equipped with an intelligent supply chain control tower, Athena improves a large variety of capabilities, such as:

  • Tracking end-to-end performance in one place
  • Delivering insights from a centralized data repository
  • Proactively developing automated smart reporting
  • Enabling complete visibility for the AI-driven supply chain

From SDC Executive, it is stated that AI technology has enabled a performance leap in control towers that is virtually impossible to achieve with traditional software. Instead of only being provided decision-support, businesses can now access autonomous control through actual decision-making.  By creating an AI-powered intelligent control tower, businesses are not only improving decision-making, but also attaining stronger automation and more knowledgeable teams.

To learn how your organization can gain more control and visibility of your supply chain, schedule a demo today or visit: https://www.convers24stg.wpenginepowered.com/supply-chain-optimization/

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