ConverSight Announces Partnership with Insight Advisors PVT LTD To Deliver Financial Decision Intelligence

Indianapolis (August 10, 2023) – ConverSight, a leading decision intelligence provider, has announced today its partnership with INSIGHT ADVISORS PVT LTD, a leading global firm specializing in tax, due diligence, advisory and finance recruitment with a focus in helping customers achieve their goals and maintain sustainable growth. 

Now more than ever, financial leaders need full visibility across accounts, customers and departments. Together, AVA and ConverSight deliver the power of advanced data analytics and real-time operational intelligence to empower businesses to monitor, analyze, and optimize their finances in real-time and extract valuable insights from their vast data repositories. The partnership will focus on delivering cutting-edge features and capabilities that address the most pressing needs of finance and accounting leaders today.  

“Insight Advisors PVT LTD believes in 360 degrees services to our clients,” said Supriya Bansal, Partner, Business Transformation of Insight Advisors PVT LTD. “We strongly feel that this partnership will give differentiated solutions to our clients and help them reach their full potential with the power of analytics!” 

The partnership represents a significant step forward in empowering businesses with the tools and insights needed to thrive in today’s data-driven world. By leveraging advanced data analytics, real-time operational intelligence, seamless integration, and enhanced security the collaboration paves the way for organizations to achieve financial excellence, drive innovation, and achieve sustainable growth. 

With this partnership, financial leaders will gain:  

  • Predictions and Projections: With the power of augmented analytics, ConverSight delivers analytics of actual sales vs forecast, measuring its progress to all the relevant users including executive management, finance, and sales functions. Financial leaders can start their day with need-to-know insights that are personalized and contextualized for direct visibility into the information that matters most. 
  • Improved Trajectory Accuracy: Accurate forecasting and planning is key to. ConverSight improve finance operations trajectories with 360 degree visibility across accounts, distributed tools and customers. Easily tack key performance indicators, detect anomalies, and proactively respond to potential bottlenecks or issues.  
  • Speed Decision Making: With ConverSight, finance leaders gain control across channels with an integrated view that delivers insights and spurs collaboration between the sales and finance teams. Share insights across teams and departments for faster, accurate business decisions.  

“With this partnership with Insight Advisors PVT LTD, financial leaders gain invaluable insights across tools and data sets to ultimately make better decisions,” said Ganesh Gandhieswaran, CEO and Co-founder of ConverSight. “We’re thrilled to aid businesses in their adoption of generative AI to better control and optimize finance operations trajectories in one place and process vast amounts of data to deliver meaningful insights.” 

ConverSight connects with over 130 existing data systems and is immediately available to provide advanced data analytics capabilities. For more information about ConverSight and its suite of AI-powered solutions, please visit

About ConverSight 

Founded in 2017, ConverSight, humanizes the interaction between computer systems and the users. The artificial intelligence and analytics-based platform uncovers actionable business insights for enterprises through natural language conversations. Digital analytics, AI and business insights are becoming a key differentiator in the supply chain space and supply disruptions are rewriting the rules of the game. ConverSight’s comprehensive platform empowers users to engage with systems using simple dialogue, enabling organizations to make informed and accurate decisions through Natural Language Conversational Interaction. To learn more, visit  


Founded in 2005, the the partners have worked as lead members or key members on Tax, due diligence, advisory engagements of companies engaged in diverse industries like Information Technology, banks, heavy engineering, automotive ancillaries, paper manufacturing, consumer durables and media and entertainment. With the vision of providing 360 degrees services to our clients   the foundation stone of  Business Transformation has been laid. The comprehensive approach of our Business Transformation Services enables organizations to reevaluate their strategies, execute them effectively, and embark on functional and digital transformations that set them apart from the competition. At INSIGHT ADVISORS PVT LTD , we’re dedicated to unlocking new opportunities and driving success for our clients. By fostering innovation, agility, and user-friendly solutions, we ensure that your Business Transformation journey is not only sustainable but also empowers you to stay ahead of the ever-evolving business landscape. Trust us to be your partner in growth, as we collaborate to unleash your true potential! 

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