ConverSight Announces Partnership with P3 to Deliver AI-Powered Self-Service Analytics to Supply Chain Leaders

Indianapolis (February 28, 2024) – ConverSight, a unified decision intelligence platform that provides users with insights to make better business decisions, has announced today its partnership with P3, a Management Consulting and engineering firm that works in many verticals, among them manufacturers; streamlining operations on the shop floor, in supply chain and management.

Together, P3 and ConverSight complement each other’s core competencies to enable customers with a powerful self-service analytics platform, while reducing manual labor to develop static dashboards. Instead, users will have an intuitive way of asking questions of their data through ConverSight’s AI-driven virtual assistant, Athena, to get immediate answers. Business leaders will receive proactive insights on real-time data with notifications of potential bottlenecks in their supply chain to enable faster, more accurate decision making and risk mitigation. With the implementation support and guidance from P3, adoption and integration into optimized processes will be faster and more efficient.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with ConverSight. They bring a lot of experience in Generative AI, helping organizations create actionable insights from their data using Artificial Intelligence across any data source. P3’s role in this partnership is crucial because it provides the next evolutionary step in helping customers engage their data beyond simple reporting and into data driven decision making,” said Cary Quatro, P3 USA.

With this partnership, businesses and their leaders will gain:

  • Risk Mitigation: Now more than ever, supply chain leaders require proactive visibility to aid in identifying and mitigating potential risks. With this partnership, organizations will be able to seamlessly navigate uncertain situations effectively through Athena’s AI-powered recommendations and proactive insights in high-risk areas of operation.
  • Decision Intelligence: By combining data science, machine learning and decision theory to enhance the decision-making process, ConverSight’s advanced analytics and computational techniques will aid companies to gather, analyze, and interpret data, to provide valuable insights that guide effective decision-making.
  • Optimized Operations and Improved Visibility: This partnership will allow businesses to reach peak supply chain optimization and efficiency. Leaders can expect reduced stock-outs and overstocks, and automated processes reducing time spent on repetitive tasks and freeing up resources, and improved cash flow through end-to-end inventory visibility.

“ConverSight is proud to partner with P3 and their subject matter experts to get a better understanding of specific operation problems that occur on the shop floor and across business operations that can be easily solved with the power of unified analytics” said Jordan Howard, Senior Director of Sales of ConverSight. “P3 has a long history of helping customers improve their operations and the combined partnership will create opportunities for customers to reduce costs which is a top priority in the current economic market.”

ConverSight connects with over 130 existing data systems and is immediately available to provide advanced data analytics capabilities. For more information about ConverSight and its suite of AI-powered solutions, please visit

About ConverSight

Founded in 2017, ConverSight, humanizes the interaction between computer systems and the users. The artificial intelligence and analytics-based platform uncovers actionable business insights for enterprises through natural language conversations. Digital analytics, AI and business insights are becoming a key differentiator in the supply chain space and supply disruptions are rewriting the rules of the game. ConverSight’s comprehensive platform empowers users to engage with systems using simple dialogue, enabling organizations to make informed and accurate decisions through Natural Language Conversational Interaction. To learn more, visit

About P3

P3 is a leading international consulting, engineering, and software development services company boasting a growing team of over 1,800 experts across various industries. Established in 1996, P3 has consistently excelled in aiding clients with business transformation, technological innovations, and software solutions. With a broad portfolio of services and solutions catering to diverse industries, P3 excels in both the automotive and energy sectors. For more information, please visit []

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