April 24, 2023

The Data Insights Podcast: AI In Manufacturing with Ryan Henderson, Conexus Indiana

AI In Manufacturing

As manufacturing companies across the globe begin to adopt Industry 4.0 in their operations, many still struggle to implement processes that ultimately will help them achieve their goals: data capturing and analytics, connectivity across departments, robotics, cloud technologies, and more. Enter Ryan Henderson and Conexus Indiana, working to provide manufacturers with data on their processes, and how they can improve their work with technology and automation. Ryan and CONEXUS’ mission is to arm manufacturers with training, data, and other key components to boost their operations in Indiana and globally. 

Meet Ryan and Conexus Indiana

What Ryan and Conexus are seeing is that while manufacturers are starting to make the move to Industry 4.0 practices, the majority have not implemented Industry 4.0 in meaningful ways. With such a huge industry in the state (1 in 4 private jobs in the state are in manufacturing, which translates to over 600,000 jobs), manufacturers are really not seeing the benefits they could be seeing with new technologies and methods for analyzing data. 

Through their partnership with manufacturers in the Advanced Industries Council, Conexus connects manufacturers in the state with tools and technologies that can help them take the next step. Manufacturers have been slow to adopt these new practices, with only 1 in 4 companies having adopted Industry 4.0 technologies in the state.  These next steps include adding technologies like AI and automation into their processes to boost production, jobs and cash flow.

Where does Manufacturing go from here?

Conexus cites lack of internal knowledge, integration with legacy systems, and data connection from machines on the shop floor as main reasons for the slow move to Industry 4.0 practices. Combined with a plethora of new technologies and AI, it can seem like a daunting task getting started on the road to digitization.

As Conexus continues to see manufacturers capturing mass amounts of data, cloud technologies and automation are increasingly being used to analyze this mass amount of data and use it in important ways. Implementing AI is one crucial step that manufacturers can take to begin the process of automating their processes and producing real results.

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“I think we need to tell more of those big data and analytics success stories

Ryan Henderson, Conexus Indiana

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