June 9, 2023

The Data Insights Podcast: Nida Ansari, Hardtech Indiana & Karmic Partners

The Data Insights Podcast

As AI and other new technologies make their way into business use cases, many supply chains and manufacturers are unsure of how to implement them, or struggle with accessing funds necessary to make these big technological changes. Some are benefitting from the expertise of accelerators and other innovators to introduce them to new technologies and implement them. Enter Nida Ansari, whose many efforts have led to manufacturers and supply chains adopting modern technologies, whether it be hardtech, industry 4.0, medtech, or other automation and AI-led efforts. 

Meet Nida

Nida is a founding member of Hardtech Indiana, with previous experience in the world of manufacturing and supply chains managing $75M+ in inventory around the world. Post-pandemic, Nida has seen a rise in automation and inventory challenges, including a rise in trends such as fair trade where consumers want to know where their products are coming from (7:40). All of these challenges work together to keep companies from truly seeing where their weaknesses are and addressing them. 

The Future of Manufacturing and AI

When it comes to how manufacturers are using AI, Nida sees clear gaps between the manufacturing of today, and the “manufacturing we could be doing.” As AI continues to move into the forefront of tech, Nida sees AI as an opportunity to improve efficiencies and become better manufacturers.

“When it comes to AI, we weren’t thinking about it in terms of the ChatGPT’s of the world, it was really making sure we were implementing a self-learning mechanism in whatever we want in manufacturing, so when you put it that way, why wouldn’t someone want to explore something like [AI]?”

For the future of manufacturing, Nida believes it lies with technology and AI, including automation and data analytics. Change management is key as organizations move towards technological adoption; the onus will be on the service providers to educate their customer base and the public about their technologies and the tools they can bring. 

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“When you start thinking about, where are my efficiencies? Where are my yields? Where are my wins going to come from? … I believe you’re going to be able to get it from tech.”

Nida Ansari

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