January 6, 2023

AI In Supply Chains

Starting with AI 

Artificial intelligence has officially taken the world by storm. New technologies like ChatGPT and AI art creators are changing our view of what is possible with AI technologies, and frankly scaring some. But with these new technologies comes an array of business applications that are exciting and new, automating tasks and providing insight into areas of the modern business that were previously unexamined.

AI has a proven track record for increasing business efficiency, particularly in the supply chain space. As AI in the supply chain learns and progresses, businesses are looking at  incorporating AI into their systems to keep up with competitors and demand. 

Why is AI needed in supply chains?

Artificial Intelligence has the ability to automate and improve supply chain logistics, providing a constant watch over your processes and alerting to critical needs. Artificial intelligence in supply chain management helps provide full visibility while mitigating risk and recommending data-driven decisions. 

Artificial intelligence in supply chain management can predict unforeseen obstacles, optimize inventory, and provide data that drives efficient business decisions. McKinsey found that in 2022, businesses that successfully implemented AI into their supply chain improved logistics costs by 15%, inventory levels by 35% and service leads by 65% compared to competitors. Among 211 supply chain professionals, 34% of respondents said that adapting to new technology is the most important strategic change supply chain organizations will face five years from now.

Artificial intelligence is slowly reshaping the transformation of supply chains. In order for AI to fully steer the success of supply chains, businesses must deploy AI powered systems that are integrated across multiple functions. This will increase the overall performance of supply chain systems and pilot the future of supply chain automation.

The core benefits of AI in supply chains

Benefits to implementing AI into your business include reduced costs and increased collaboration among your employees. AI democratizes data for all, and gives relevant information to users that can pertain to their role and level. Implementing automation software into supply chain practices will: 

  • Increase efficiency
  • Minimize operation costs
  • Predict and forecast for the future 
  • Enhance customer experience 
  • Give real-time updates and insights
  • Recommend actions and decisions
  • Optimize your supply chain and inventory
  • Drive top-line revenue 

The benefits are great for any business that implements AI even in a small way.


With the proper implementation of augmented artificial intelligence into businesses, supply chain performance will pave the way for your business’s future. Implement AI into your business and get ahead of your competitors with exceptional supply chain performance.  Request a demo today and watch your supply chain flourish.

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