December 8, 2022

ChatGPT Explained: Why should my business care?

ChatGPT, which stands for “generative pre-trained transformer,” is taking the artificial intelligence technology world by storm. With its ability to seamlessly generate replies to any question in a mere matter of seconds, it has garnered over 1 million users within the first five days of being released to the public. With the buzz around ChatGPT centered around changing the way humans generate content, consume information, and find answers, the implications this new technology has on the future of AI and human interaction are massive. ChatGPT is braced to disrupt businesses, occupations, and regular users’ daily lives thanks to its capacity to add context to every encounter, offer results practically instantaneously, and maintain training across seemingly infinite troves of knowledge.

Back to Basics – What is ChatGPT?

Launched by OpenAI, this innovative chatbot is one of many advancements the tech industry will see in the coming years. So how does ChatGPT work? ChatGPT has the unique ability to generate answers to any question and anyone can access it. Simply ask the chatbot a question and GPT will generate a detailed reply that will leave the end user with insights to consider. This bot can produce anything, from academic essays to code, generate a legal document draft,  tell jokes, and even craft tear jerking poems, with broad ramifications for vocations ranging from creatives to software engineers. While ChatGPT may not be perfect and is susceptible to error, it gets the job started, allowing the individual asking questions to uplevel their time and thinking to things requiring more critical thinking.

You’ve heard of ChatGPT, now meet Athena

ChatGPT is helping usher in the Artificial Intelligence era into our personal lives. What if you could put AI to work in your professional life? You can – just ask Athena to have a direct dialogue with your data. While chatGPT has the ability to provide lengthy, thorough, and overall impressive results, it is not going to connect with your company’s data and answer questions to  analyze your business performance. ConverSight, similar toChatGPT, brings responsiveness, context building, and personalization to the table while focusing on your business, its data, and the business user’s needs based on their departmental role.

ConverSight users simply ask questions to Athena, a data storyteller, in the same ChatGPT search bar interface to receive insightful, accurate, and simplified answers in return – all in a matter of seconds. 

  • Vertical & industry-specific conversation templates: Stop spending time developing dashboards. Athena automatically generates visualizations, automates repetitive tasks and recommends actions that are best suited for your role, department and industry. 
  • Adaptive learning of knowledge and vocabulary: Athena also builds context over time as an interaction grows with a user. This ensures all interactions are hyper-personalized to the user and their needs.
  • Data monitoring and proactive insights52% of data professionals say dashboards are disregarded because they don’t get the message across. ConverSight combats this problem by putting the user and their data ingestion preferences first. View data as a graph, pivot table, excel sheet or simply ask Athena for a text answer.

ConverSight’s Athena is your ChatGPT equivalent in business intelligence

We’ve all seen that ChatGPT generates answers to anything you ask it, which leaves room for a plethora of topics. But can it accurately generate business insights connecting your data? With the power of ConverSight, Athena augments your personal business data, generating personalized insights, recommended next steps, and automated actions. ConverSight’s AI assistant, Athena, equipped with augmented analytics generates and reports accurate conversational recommendations and insights with your personal business data. This leads businesses to make efficient and smarter data-driven decisions – a true game changer for any organization.

To learn how you can reap the benefits of a Natural Language interactive assistant in a business setting, schedule a demo today.

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