August 24, 2022

Athena the Data Scientist

AI is the Future

The move into AI is happening right now. 92% of organizations are increasing their investments in data and AI capabilities. While companies are finding success with implementing AI on a small scale, they are struggling to keep up with the mass amount of data needed to be sifted through. Businesses keep troves of data, and sometimes these data stacks are contained in different storage mechanisms. Could data science be the answer?

To keep up with the management of this data, data science is becoming more necessary to crunch massive amounts of data. This helps gain critical insights. But it doesn’t stop there. This information needs to be easily accessible and contained in an easy-to-understand format. That’s where AI comes in.

Data Science as a Discipline

Data scientists have the important job of researching and finding patterns with data. Then they report their findings and recommendations to other teams and senior staff within an organization. This process is costly in terms of time and resources and often relies on a “gatekeeper” dynamic. This dynamic can be described as when only certain individuals can report on data sets for an organization. This process can be time consuming depending on the desired insights. While data science software is an important aspect for your organization, it is important to make sure that data is being shared freely.

In order to share data freely, organizations require a tool to crunch numbers but also prepare insights from that data in an easily digestible format. Any employee can now take data preparation into their own hands with AI as their trusty sidekick.

AI Fills The Gap 

AI has the power to crunch data and spit out results faster than a data scientist. 

More importantly, AI is less gatekeeper oriented meaning anyone can implement it and get the benefits as if they were employing a data scientist. AI can also give insights without the interference of human emotion, leading to a non-biased decision that drives your business forward.

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