September 30, 2022

Using Athena To Produce Proactive Insights Into Your Data

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Who is Athena? 

Every business wants complete access to their data. But more accurately, businesses want clear access to their data; meaning, business leaders need data that tells a story, and guides the organization towards being more successful and dynamic in the face of growing uncertainty. 

At the core of ConverSight’s platform is Athena. Athena is an AI assistant that delivers business insights from your data to boost productivity and efficiency for less, conserving valuable resources, cutting costly analytics spending, and more. At Athena’s foundation is Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology. NLU allows automated conversations with customers or employees to deliver information or take action quickly. Athena is able to use her insights to improve warehouse and distribution operations, customer service, employee efficiency and productivity, and more. 

Data-rich businesses can’t grow to scale without having easy access to Insights. Equipped with these advanced conversational AI capabilities, Athena encourages users to explore data in news by asking questions through voice and chat. Athena had the capacity to empower all users to make data-driven decisions that will lead their business towards success. 

Data Storytelling

Athena not only parses mass amounts of data, but gives valuable insight into any data set. Rather than producing a set output (Sales for Q4), Athena gives context and insight into the question (Sales this quarter compared to the same quarter last year are up, but down compared to last quarter)

Proactive Insights & Real Time Visibility

Athena delivers proactive need-to-know insights automatically at any point throughout the day and is personalized to your individual role. Different roles can receive different alerts tailored to their role, and can communicate on the platform with other team members. Athena also offers real time insight into your supply chain and business, giving you a glimpse into what is happening so you can make decisions in an instant.

 Recommended Actions

Athena helps businesses understand the next steps with recommended actions based on data trends, predictions, and overall business objectives. These guided recommendations will help businesses understand the next steps that will drive smarter business decisions. 


Get ahead of the game and set your business apart with the power of Athena. Schedule a demo today to get started! 

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