Introducing CS23

Say goodbye to sifting through static dashboards, spending hours generating reports, and attempting to understand complex analytics. ConverSight simplifies the way you interact with data, with new features and capabilities available in the CS23 update.

CS23 Is Here!

Say “hello” to ConverSight’s enhanced platform – smarter and more intuitive than ever. Get easier access to your data, automated insights, and more, with a sleek new design. With over 100+ integrations and a new AI Workbench, ConverSight brings proactive insights through the power of storytelling to your business.

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New features to ConverSight’s AI-powered augmented analytics platform include:

Enhanced UI

  • Our state of the art user interface delivers a new experience alongside a suite of brand new features and capabilities. We put the user first with the platform redesign to influence a new navigation, color scheme and a fresh take on data visualizations.

Why Augmented Analytics is the Future of Business Intelligence

Athena Everywhere

The release of CS23 delivers new features that provide organizations with increased flexibility to use ConverSight’s platform within any data source including your own CRMs/ERPs. This creates a new way of interacting with data using embeddable Athena assistance. With this advancement, businesses can embed our AI assistant, Athena into their CRM or ERP without having to leave the platform to see insights.

  • With over 130+ data connectors, business users gain access to Athena in any application. SaaS/OEM partners simply embed Athena directly inside of their application to provide conversational analytics for customers. 
  • Embedding requires adding just a few lines of code in the HTML script tag to gain instant access to Athena while producing customized visualizations. 
  • Pinboards are now dynamic. After embedding Athena, components are instantly pinned and reflected, no configuration required.

ConverSight’s Eighth Mention this year, now in the Gartner Market Guide for Augmented Analytics

Athena 2.0

Athena has a new look! Athena is unlike any other business assistant on the market. Available around the clock, Athena’s knowledge base has depth and width, uncovering the future of data analytics and revealing insights from all corners of your business.

  • Athena is available for questions throughout the platform, accessible in the lower right hand corner of the screen and at the start of your day, delivering a need-to-know news thread
  • Athena answers questions through a one-to-one interaction, resembling a text thread. 
  • Athena shares analytics directly with business users, allowing them to explore analytics from the context of the business while reducing iterations and enabling faster decision making.

Introducing Guided Search

The future of finding answers is about asking the right questions. We listened to our customers and developed a new interface for asking the right questions to gain the most value from massive volumes of data.

  • Get started with your data discovery journey by selecting from popular questions relevant to your industry from a Guided Search box.  

  • Access a completely refreshed pinboard experience, filled with a suite of new augmented analytic tools, features, and capabilities 
  • Share and discuss augmented business insights through a Twitter-like experience for day-to-day collaboration

AI Workbench for Enhanced Augmented Analytics

Customers revealed a need for complex analytics and predictions in order to understand their data at a new level. That’s why we’ve developed a no code/low code data engineering feature within ConverSight for users of all roles and levels to analyze and run ML and AI Models. Now businesses can extend Athena’s intelligence using AI Workbench and deploy models in a matter of days leaving mlDevops to the ConverSight platform.

  • Build a simple and rapidly deployable analytical infrastructure with open source frameworks, layered with required security. 
  • Data scientists and data engineers can now explore and create an analytics /ML within every familiar Jupyter notebook, creating composable and reusable tasks across the organization and outward.

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