May 15, 2024

The Data Insights Podcast: Chris Frederick, University of Notre Dame

The Data Insights Podcast - Chris Frederick, University of Notre Dame

In his role as Assistant Professor in the College of Science at University of Notre Dame, Chris Frederick is arming his students with the skills they need to thrive in an increasingly data-centric world. Chris joins Ganesh on the pod to discuss his teaching philosophies, current data analytics technology and business use cases, as well as what he sees as the biggest advancements coming down the pipeline, for his students and businesses alike.

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Top Moments:

0:58: Introduction to Chris, his role at Notre Dame

5:09: Having a data first mentality

6:08: The makeup of Chris’s classes and what students are looking to learn

10:27: How students are dealing with the onset of new tech, generative AI

23:12: Generative AI: Uses in education, business, etc.

29:53: Reporting and data analytics with new tech

37:22: LLMs and other new tech

Key Quotes:

“I feel like we are top peak of the hype cycle right now. I think it’s remarkable. It’s remarkable what the large language models are able to do, and it’s so remarkable that you might be overconfident in terms of how well that they can work. And so I think that the pendulum will swing from, ” Oh, it’s going to solve all of our problems” to, ” Wait a minute, these are the ones that it actually is solving” and it will find its balance.”

“So there is this notion still that we have to take care of our data, that we have to provide good data so that we can get good results, and I think that piece is fundamentally going to be critical. So having people who are so focused on that I think is important.”

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