December 15, 2023

Women’s History Month on the Data Insights Podcast

WHM - Data Insights Podcast

ConverSight and the Data Insights podcast celebrate Women’s History month, and the contributions of women across the world in Tech and beyond.

Listen to the full episode with Allison Yokum, Director of Purchasing & Distribution at The Galley now.

Top Moments:

00:49: Allison’s background and introduction

02:18: The Galley’s culture of inclusion

05:47: Allison’s mentors and influences in her career journey

07:44: The big picture

10:22: Becoming a self-starter

11:38: Overcoming adversity and being a self-starter

13:36: Inspiring women’s inclusion

15:55: Advice for aspiring women in leadership

Key Quotes:

“I have learned to just overcome is being a self-starter, asking a lot of questions and don’t be afraid to fail. I think that’s what stop’s a lot of people sometimes from jumping in and diving into certain things is they’re scared to fail. And that’s not a terrible quality either. That’s a great quality; but you kind of have to be okay with knowing that you may make a mistake.”

“Don’t stand back and wait for something to happen. Take initiative and be open to feedback. And take action on that feedback too. When you receive it, be open to hearing the different types of feedback and then take into account how you’re going to take that feedback and act on it. Then, learning to adapt to different people and approach people and meet them where they are.”

Listen to the full episode with Mallory Elias-Cvengros, Customer Experience Analyst at FastSpring now.

Top Moments:

00:41: Mallory’s background and introduction

03:41: Mallory’s role at FastSpring

04:56: How Mallory is having an impact in her role

09:20: The future for women in Mallory’s role

09:47: Getting more women into STEM careers

11:42: Challenges faced by women in data analytics roles

18:59: Heroes and mentors in Mallory’s career

22:12: Key skills for for success in data analytics roles

Key Quotes:

“But finding that thing that fits for you and just makes sense, and then fighting for it. Right out of grad school I was asked, when you get a job in Marketing Analytics -where do you see yourself in 10 years? You’ve got this great analytics team, but you’ve also got these great teams that are doing the customer surveys, the feedback, the marketing insights.. I want to do both. I think there should be a bridge there.”

“Showing what success in any of those fields looks like as a woman, talking about any of the hurdles you’ve faced and how you’ve gotten past them… I think that is a huge motivator. Let them know that there’s no reason you can’t be doing this.”

Listen to the full episode with Sonali Vijayavargiya, Founder and Managing Partner at Augment Ventures now.

Top Moments:

00:44: Introduction & Sonali’s background, Investing in mission-driven, diverse founders

05:11: Negotiating compensation in startups

08:22: Challenges in starting a venture fund

09:14: Driving innovation with women founders

13:11: Networking and storytelling for success

14:47: Key skills and attributes for success

20:34: Creating space for work/life integration

24:25: Empathy and balance in the workplace

27:43: Inspiring inclusion through mentorship

31:41: Advice for aspiring investment firm founders

Key Quotes:

“Sometimes you need that motivation, and guidance from other people to find your voice. I’m so happy that someone shared that with me and I had the courage to voice it. We really need to cultivate that atmosphere of collaboration.”

“I really think if not only women founders, or any founder, or any person or individual who has an idea that can make an impact in the world around us to make it better as we work, live, and play, they should go for it.”

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