December 15, 2023

The Data Insights Podcast: Hector Garcia, Winston Products

Episode #19 - Hector Garcia (3)

When it comes to using data and artificial intelligence in a business analytics capacity, there is no one who is more boots-on-the-ground than Hector Garcia. In his role as Financial Planning & Analysis Manager at Winston Products, Hector uses multiple tools, including artificial intelligence, to parse mass data sets. AI helps Hector gain critical insights that lead to decision on supply chain, procurement, and other critical areas for Winston.

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Top Moments:

2:32: Financial Planning & Analytics (FP&A) in 2023 and beyond

4:57: Impact of inflation and freight costs

6:30: How Hector uses data & analytics in his role

8:11: Financial priorities moving into the new year

13:48: Self-service and ad-hoc reporting with artificial intelligence

17:14: The future of tech in the FP&A space

20:51: Data quality issues & solutions

Key Quotes:

“I think with the integration of AI and all of these amazing tools that we’re getting from all different companies and resources, I think right now it’s at the peak point of innovation in terms of bringing data analytics to another level.”

“Being able to have those metrics played out from a technology standpoint and being able to track those metrics by just an automated model or an automated tool that can just simply derive from our income statements and our forecast analytics and pass historical data, putting all these things together, I think it’s a great… It’s a game changer to be honest with you.”

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