April 10, 2023

The Data Insights Podcast: Operational AI with Bob Wise, Notiphy Corporation

Operational AI

For business and organizations, streamlined processes is one of the ultimate goals when it comes to worker efficiency. To keep workers informed and on task, most warehouses will utilize a WMS or ERP. But these softwares have vast limitations, the biggest of which is visualizing all of the data that is being captured, and presenting it in a meaningful and easy to understand way. Another main goal is to keep workers informed with self-service analytics, rather than having to wait for reports or data to change course, lower costs, and improve as a business.

As more and more businesses look to up their reporting game, generative AI is entering the fold and providing those in-depth drill down analytics instantly.

Meet Bob and Notiphy Corporation

Bob and Notiphy were looking for an AI solution that could deliver those data visualizations from the data that Notiphy was capturing for it’s users. Capturing and employing these data points was crucial, as they were the main source of truth for how workers were performing, and how they could improve in the future.

Data Visualization is 🔑

As Bob and Notiphy began to look at integrations with their software, data visualization was a top priority for the company. With thousands of workers utilizing Notiphy’s software, the team wanted to make sure workers of all levels and departments could access data and insights about their time on task, mission critical tasks, and more.

Operational AI

Notiphy began using ConverSight and generative AI to produce insight into critical component’s of a Notiphy user’s workday, including time on task, areas of progress, the cost/benefit of the work they are doing, and many other data points in an easy to utilize visual format.

“Being able to present information in a timely fashion and in an easy to use dashboard, that’s helpful for us.

Bob Wise, Notiphy Corporation

Looking for software to create dynamic data visualizations with generative AI? Request a demo to see how.

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