June 9, 2023

The Data Insights Podcast: Jake Dunlap, Skaled Consulting

Jake Dunlap, Skaled Consulting

As companies rushed to implement new technologies in 2021 to shore up their sales processes, most failed to realize how these technologies would hamper their business efforts. As buyers become more aware and educated about their buying processes, companies risk losing customers if old, archaic sales processes are used.

Jake Dunlap, CEO of Skaled Consulting, is working to improve sales processes and arm sales teams with the processes they need to succeed. But when it comes to AI and generative AI in the Sales space, Jake still sees gaps.

Top Moments:

3:29: Effects of COVID and the pandemic on companies sales processes

11:09: How generative AI and new technologies are playing into sales processes

13:00: Proactive insights and how teams are mismanaging them

15:42: Gaps in the sales process optimization cycle and where data fills the gap

18:50: Why ChatGPT is the most important things to ever happen to Sales

27:45: the 9 areas for utilizing technology in sales and leadership

Key Quotes:

“Technologies are simply a vehicle to help you improve a process… but you have to understand what these tools are capable of or you might build processes that are archaic”

“These [AI] tools are not going to solve the problem for you… leaders are focusing on what will drive actual impact, versus the shiny new toy.”

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