October 14, 2022

Meet the Founders: The ConverSight Story

Startup Founders

Ganesh Gandhieswaran, Co-Founder & CEO, and Gopinath Jaganmohan, Co-Founder & CTO crossed paths in 2016 at an Augmented AI innovation conference. By this time, Ganesh had spent over 20 years in the technology and supply chain space where he delivered data and analytics to leading retailers and manufacturers. Ganesh noticed one huge mistake that these companies made regarding data: many companies were capturing data, but not receiving insights from the mass amounts of data that they compiled. 

Meet Gopi

Gopinath had previously done extensive research on telematics, and had over 16 years of experience in the technology space. ConverSight.ai would be Gopinath’s third start-up, with two successful exits from previous ventures in business intelligence and SaaS architecture. Gopi wanted to help his customers use the data they had, but failed to utilize. To achieve this, Gopi wanted to create a startup for research architecture and design where he could apply his software skills. After collaborating with Ganesh, the team soon concluded that they needed a solution that could compile data and share solutions to fill critical gaps for today’s businesses. This is when the idea of Athena the AI assistant was born.

Athena & The Beginnings of ConverSight

The team got to work and began developing their new data and analytics platform. Three months later, the pair developed a demo and presented it. This opportunity allowed them to understand the problem from an outsider’s view. They soon realized that the conversations the data presented were more than a simple dialogue; they had a visual aspect and a listening aspect that told a story. 

The key was using Athena not only as a communicative factor, but as a way to audio-visually provide insights that feature important business data to be understood across roles and departments. Shortly after, Gopinath built a mobile app with these important features. The app not only incorporated visuals but voice capabilities. After adding a data analyst to the team, they knew something great lay ahead for ConverSight. 

As we fast forward to the present, ConverSight is connecting businesses with data insights that lead to efficient decision-making. Look into the future, there is much opportunity that lies ahead. The company has been able to successfully connect its customers with complex data from their CRMs which has given data meaning. 

From here, Gopinath and Ganesh see the company growing in size and capacity and they move forward into the future. A lot is in store for Conversight and its AI assistant Athena, including data science capabilities and much more. 

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